Oct 25, 2012

Basketball Wives - Laura Govan Wants Groupies to Leave the Show

Photo Courtesy of Laura's Twitter

With the ratings for Basketball Wives L.A. slowly declining after each episode, viewers have taken to their Twitters to pop off about the dry and stale show.  In comparison to the Miami franchise, the L.A. ladies just aren't bringing the type of entertainment that us fans drool over (i.e. extreme messiness, cat fights, thrown bottles, and lavish vacations.)

A fan tweeted Shaunie O'neal and pleaded that she do something with the L.A. series to make it better.  Shaunie replied with something along the lines of "how about shaking up the cast?".  I would have to agree with Shaunie's statement.  As I have implied before, if the show added more cast members that were not bound by gag orders, the story lines and conflicts would be easier to comprehend and the show would have a better flow to it.

Well, Laura "Forever a Fiancee" Govan sat down with S2S magazine to give an interview about Shaunie's suggestion of changing up the cast members.  First, Laura snatched Shaunie's wig by stating that Shaunie is not involved and barely has any control over the L.A. series.  Then, Laura proceeded to throw major shade at the "groupies" of the L.A. cast.

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"If it's 'Basketball Wives' then let's hold this title.  At least have some basketball affiliation," she said."At least keep it in the group, just have an affiliation.  I've been with my guy for twelve years, regardless of marriage or not, I've paid my dues.  Give me some people who have paid their dues."

Laura was clearly talking about BambiBabyTeef who has never had a long term relationship with a baller (that I am aware of) and Draya who just hops from baller 'D' to baller 'D' with no coot resting period in between.  Although I agree with Laura, I think it is laughable that in her warped mind she believes that staying with a man for twelve years and popping out four of his illegitimate children is something that should be praised or glorified.  If we really really really wanna keep it real, let's get rid of all of the ladies who are not actually wives (as the title of the show is Basketball WIVES, not Basketball Fiancees).  

Laura's lack of food must be messing with her brain cells.  Did Laura forget that when she joined the cast, she and Gilbert were broken up and weren't even on speaking terms?  Oh, and let's not forget that Laura was also a groupie at one point and she allegedly dated multiple ballers at the same time.

I have a feeling that Laura's words are going to come back and bite her where it hurts. With her fiance most likely moving to China to play basketball, I smell another breakup between her and Gilbert coming up real soon.

What do you think of Laura's statement? Do you think Laura has any right to talk about the other ladies on the show?


  1. Laura has some nerve. And she is acting really strange this season. I bet she is having problems with Gilbert.

  2. I can't believe she actually thinks she deserves to be on the show because she's been a babymama for twenty three years lol. I would much rather watch the groupies on the show than to watch Laura.