Love & Hip Hop NY - Emily Bustamante Looks...Different

Emily's "Before" Picture

Emily's "After" Picture

Something is off with Emily "Fab Don't Claim Me" Bustamante's face but I can't put my finger on it.  Botox? Fillers? Plastic Surgery? It's not weight loss because she's still fat thick in her recent photos.

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Well, my curiosity led me to get my e-thug on and I asked Emily directly (via Instagram), "Em, girl, what did you do to your face?!" She (and her bird-brained stans) replied with something along the lines of, "What? Nothing! It's called contouring people!"

Nope. I refuse. Aint enough contouring in the world to make you look like a completely different person.  So what do you think? Did Emily get a lil sumthin' sumthin' done? Or did she dunk her face into a grip of MAC Cosmetics?

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