Jul 18, 2019

Phaedra Parks: I Was Playing 'a Character' on Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra Parks got booted from The Real Housewives of Atlanta after starting that so nasty and so rude rumor about Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. But now the mom of two is claiming most of her storyline was fabricated in an interview with DailyMailTV.

Phaedra said she has no regrets about her eight-year run on the Bravo TV series and said the entire time, she was playing "a character that they're manipulating for their own benefit." Girl....

The lawyer (or mortician, or whatever her job is these days) said her storyline was manipulated on several occasions. When the rumors emerged that she was allegedly cheating on her ex-husband Apollo Nida with an African prince, Phaedra said, "I mean, it was the most ludicrous, crazy thing in the world. I was never unfaithful in my marriage at all."

She said the producers on RHOA were "continually making up stuff" to make the show more interesting.

"That's the essence of reality TV, they make things up to make storylines juicy. People love to watch other people having very tragic, dramatic situations that are out of control because it makes them feel like their life is not half as bad."

Yup, she really went there. And after bashing the platform that cut her a check for years on end, she announced she has a "new television project on the horizon." She added,  "I can't mention it yet, but I'm coming back to the small screen. It's a very popular show and you get to see me in a totally different light."

Lawd, please don't let her be the next cast member on Naked and Afraid!

In case you forgot, Phaedra attended Andy Cohen's baby shower as Nene Leakes' plus one, but despite Andy still being cordial with her, Phaedra said she hasn't "had any discussions about returning."

Kandi has already made it clear that she would leave the show if they bring Phae-Phae back, and to that, Ms. Parks said:

"I find it amusing because if she is that concerned about me three years later, I must have really impacted her life. So I'm glad I touched her like that."

SMH. That is NOT the way to get your peach back!

BTW, besides her businesses and her new television venture, Phaedra is done with her young tender, radio host Tone Capone, and has moved on to date her former RHOA co-star Claudia Jordan's ex-boo, Medina Islam. Slim pickin's in the ATL I guess. *Shrugs*

Anywho, do you think Phaedra's storyline was manipulated to make for good TV or is auntie trippin?

Jul 17, 2019

The Truth About Grant Hill & Tamia's Love Story

tamia grant hill

Back in 1993, while Grant Hill was attending Duke University, he briefly dated Jada Pinkett. The actress told the Los Angeles Times that she loved how humble he remained despite his growing popularity as a college basketball player.

Their relationship ended on good terms, and Grant moved on to a woman who captured his attention on their very first date, Canadian R&B singer Tamia Washington.

Here’s the truth about Grant Hill and Tamia’s love story.

Learning from the pros 

janet hill grant hill calvin hill

Grant Hill told Oprah Winfrey that while growing up, he took note of every single interaction between his parents, Calvin and Janet Hill (pictured, above). After so many years together, they obviously know a thing or two about how to have a long-lasting marriage. Grant said, "I saw the good, the bad and everything in between."

He knew that when he grew up, he wanted to have the same kind of loving relationship his parents had, and he wanted his future kids to see him interact with his wife in a positive way.

How to have a loving relationship wasn’t the only thing his parents instilled in him. They must have stressed the importance of loyalty and fidelity. When Shaunie O’Neal was asked by Power 106 radio station to name the faithful players in the NBA, Grant was the only name that she mentioned.

Being one of the good guys in the league meant Grant needed to find someone who was just as sweet and kind.

A legendary matchmaker 

Tamia was attending the Soul Train Music Awards when Anita Baker asked her if she was dating anyone. Tamia said no, and that’s when Anita mentioned Grant’s. Tamia told the YBF that it wasn’t until seven months later that the two of them would finally meet.

Finishing each other's sentences 

On their first date, they went to the movies at 2 o’clock, and the entire theater was empty. Tamia told Fox Sports News they had the chance to talk to each other about what they liked and disliked. And on their first meeting, they were so connected, they were finishing each other’s sentences.

Their chemistry was off the charts, and Grant said he knew right away they had something special.

The breakfast that sealed the deal 

He told OWN’s Black Love that Tamia woke up one morning and made him some “bomb French toast.”

Grant said it was at that moment he realized he could spend the rest of his life with her. Not only was she beautiful, strong, and they had intense chemistry, but he was impressed by her cooking skills. 

They got married in Detroit in 1999 and honeymooned in Bali.

In sickness and in health 

Shortly after their 1999 wedding, their vows “in sickness and in health” were put to the test. Grant went in for his fourth ankle surgery, and while he was at home recovering, Tamia noticed he had a high fever.

The doctor told her to bring him in right away. When they arrived, Grant was shivering and had the shakes, and after running some tests, doctors found out he had developed a staph infection that nearly killed him.

Thankfully, he was able to recover, but just a few years later, their marriage was put to the test again.

A scary diagnosis 

Tamia was promoting the song “Officially Missing You” when she noticed she was really tired and was experiencing heat sensitivity.

She told The Breakfast Club that she was losing her ability to write down her music, so she knew something was wrong. After seeing a doctor, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a chronic disease of the central nervous system that can affect the brain and spinal cord.

The diagnosis shocked her. She couldn’t fight back the tears, but she found comfort knowing Grant was by her side. She said, “The first thing he said was, 'What do we need to do to fight this?'"

Thanks to his support and his knowledge about healthy foods and exercise, Grant and Tamia have worked together to help her manage her symptoms.

A first-time parent with a side of jealousy 

He admitted to OWN’s Black Love series that they hit a bump in the road after the birth of their first child in 2002. Grant said their daughter Myla Hill would sleep on Tamia’s chest every night for three months straight, and he felt a little bit jealous that his baby girl was getting all of the attention.

That didn’t stop them from expanding their family though. In 2007, they welcomed their second daughter Lael Hill.

Marriage 'is not deep' 

People always ask them how they keep their marriage intact, and Tamia told Essence, “Marriage is not deep.” When asked to elaborate, she said marriage isn’t complicated at all. People just make it that way.

It also helps that she and Grant are best friends and they told Oprah Winfrey it’s the everyday things that they love about each other. For example, Tamia experiences the greatest joy when she sees Grant taking their daughter to school every day.

After so many years as a couple, Grant and Tamia have created the blueprint for a successful relationship built on love, communication, and friendship.

And even to this day, Tamia told Vibe magazine that she still wouldn't mind if Grant slid into her DMs all these years later.

What do you think about Grant Hill and Tamia’s love story? Leave your answer down below!

Jul 16, 2019

The Real Reason Russell Wilson Fell in Love With Ciara

ciara russell wilson relationship

2014 was a rocky year for Russell Wilson after he filed for divorce from Ashton Meem after two years of marriage. And Ciara was having a pretty rocky year herself. She ended her relationship with the rapper Future and focused on being a single mother and finding Mr. Right.

God answered her prayers when he brought Russell into her life. And it was easy for the professional football player to fall in love with her because she turned out to be everything he had ever wanted.

Here’s the real reason Russell Wilson fell in love with Ciara.

Speaking her into existence

ciara and russell wilson married

After months of speculation, they went public with their relationship in 2015. During an interview with People magazine, Russell said before he even met the R&B singer, he told a friend, “I’m probably going to end up with Ciara.”

He went on to call her everything he could ever want in a partner and the most beautiful woman in the world. It was her faith in Christ that also won him over.

His love for baby Future

russell wilson baby future wilburn

Russell told HollywoodLife that having kids was something he always hoped and prayed for. And meeting Ciara meant his dream of being a parent finally came true.

Her son, Future Zahir, was only ten months old when Ciara and Russell began dating. He called being a step-dad “the greatest blessing in the world.”

Judging by his social media posts, it’s obvious that Russell not only fell in love with Ciara, but he also fell in love with baby Future Wilburn, too. Ciara praised Russell’s bond with her son and said it was one of the main reasons she knew he was the one.

Vow of celibacy

russell wilson ciara celibate

He told Pastor Miles McPherson at San Diego’s Rock Church (via the New York Daily News) that he was the one who suggested they remain celibate until after they got married. He simply said to Ciara, “Can we love each other without that?’ If you can love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody.”

Ciara agreed, but she told People magazine it wasn’t easy, especially because she considered Russell to be “the most beautiful thing” she had ever laid her eyes on.

And, of course, the feeling was mutual. Russell joked around with the pastor and said he needed everyone’s prayers to help him stay strong with his vow of celibacy because on a scale from one to ten, he rated Ciara a 15.

Things were different from the start 

ciara russell wilson

Russell made an effort to connect with everyone who was important in her life. Aside from bonding with her son, Ciara told Red Table Talk that Russell met her entire family before they became an official couple.

He also wanted to prove to her that he could bring stability into her life. Ciara described him as being very consistent, and whenever he would think about Ciara, he would think about her son, too. She added that Russell gave her a “different level of love.”

God spoke to him 

russell wilson ciara

Before the start of the football season, Russell joined his new girlfriend on tour. He told Rolling Stone in August 2015 that he was looking at Ciara in the mirror 15 minutes before she went on stage. It was at that moment that God told him: “I need you to lead her.”

Russell said he knew right then that the Lord had brought her into his life for a very special reason.

Whirlwind romance

In March 2016, Russell and Ciara packed their bags and headed off to Seychelles Islands, where the professional athlete got down on one knee and asked Ciara to be his wife.

If anyone was unsure about this romance, all they had to do was take a look at Ciara’s massive engagement ring. According to Brides.com, he spent an estimated $2.5 million dollars on the flawless 16-carat pear-shaped diamond ring.

He was so ecstatic that Ciara accepted his proposal, he hopped on Instagram to share a video. In the caption of his Instagram post, Russell made it clear that since the first day they met, he knew Ciara was the one. He ended the post with the hashtag #True Love.

Learning true love

ciara, russell wilson, future zahir, sienna wilson

They got married in July 2016, and three months after tying the knot, they announced they were expecting a baby.

His love for Ciara grew even deeper. He called it a “special” time in their lives and said he was eager to pamper his wife throughout her entire pregnancy.

Sienna Princess Wilson was born in April 2017, and Russell told Buzzfeed’s AM to DM that being a husband, a dad, and a stepdad taught him what love really is.

Public declarations

In celebration of Valentine’s Day 2019, they both made public declarations on their Instagram feeds. Ciara called Russell the best partner in life, and in his video, Russell told Ciara he would always fix her wig and do whatever she tells him to do.

Not only is Russell a great husband and devoted dad, but he never holds back when it comes to sharing all the wonderful reasons why he fell in love with Ciara.

What do you think of their whirlwind romance? Leave your answer down below!

Jul 5, 2019

The Real Reason Amerie Disappeared

what happened to amerie

Oh, the Aughties, how I miss you! This time period, which includes the years 2000-2009, was when some of the best R&B songs were made. From Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’” to Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” and Ne-Yo’s “So Sick,” we were groovin’ to those smooth sounds like our lives depended on it. 

There was one influential artist who also experienced musical success during this time period: R&B singer Amerie. I can still vividly remember taking her CD to a frat house on a Thursday night, and me and my BFF drunkenly dancing offbeat to “1 Thing.” Aww, the good ol’ days!

But as quickly as Amerie gave us back-to-back hits, she faded away from the music scene without notice. What really happened to the half-Korean, half-African-American songstress? 

Here’s the real reason Amerie disappeared. 

Success came quickly, but it wouldn't last

what happened to amerie

In the summer of 2002, Amerie dropped an instant classic with the release of “Why Don’t We Fall In Love.” With hints of old school, ‘80s R&B elements and a whispery yet rather angelic voice, the song climbed the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at no. 23. 

She had a bop on her hands, and we had no idea Amerie would keep her foot on our necks all summer long. She dropped her debut album, All I Have, in July 2002, and that following month, her album was the no. 2 top R&B/Hip-Hop album, according to Billboard

Then she released “Talkin’ to Me,” and we were convinced Amerie would have some staying power in the industry. Who cares if she wasn’t the strongest singer. She could carry a tune, she was obviously an amazing songwriter, she could dance, and she was beautiful (I’m not gonna even get into how much she resembles Kourtney Kardashian. The resemblance is trippy!). 

Alright, so Amerie had the winning formula to have a career that could rival Rihanna’s, and she even snagged a Soul Train Award for Best R&B/Soul or Rap New Artist. She followed up her debut album with her sophomore album Touch that gave us the mf’n jam “1 Thing.” For that effort, she earned two Grammy nominations.

However, her hits began to putter out for one major reason. 

She lost her music partner

where is amerie

In 2006, Amerie headed back to the studio to work on her third album, Because I Love It. But there was someone noticeably absent from the creative process: her longtime collaborator, friend, and producer, Rich Harrison. 

What drove a wedge between them? You know what, we wish we had the answer to this, but we can speculate.... 

After co-writing and producing all of Amerie’s bops, Rich was in high-demand. Naturally, top names in the industry were clamoring to work with him, too, like Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Chrisitina Milian, and so on and so forth. They all wanted that quintessential sound that made Amerie so popular, and Rich delivered. 

He produced Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love in 2003 and took home a Grammy for that same track in 2004. Beyoncé then recruited him to produce songs on her album B’Day, and, well, when Beyoncé calls, you don’t have time for someone like Amerie, I guess. 

Issues at her record label

where is amerie

Columbia Records was going through some internal issues, which caused a slight delay in the release of her third album Because I Love It

The project was released overseas in 2007, and only digital copies were available in the U.S. This proved to be a major blow for Amerie. Digital copies just weren’t a thing back then. Unsurprisingly the album didn’t even chart on Billboard. 

Her album was finally released in the U.S. in 2008...but, nonetheless, no1curred. 

She badmouthed her label 

what happened to amerie

In 2007, Amerie was all the way fed up with Columbia Records, and she didn’t bite her tongue when she told RWD (via That Grape Juice) her label wasn’t pushing Because I Love It like they should have. 

Amerie said she knew how she wanted to time the release of her songs and music videos to keep the momentum going, but the label wouldn’t budge. 

“I love the business and I studied the business and I told them we needed to do the other video [for 'Crush' following the release of the track 'Gotta Work'] because you need to have another single when your other track is peaking. They’re talking about doing it next year, but I’m not doing it next year! [...] I get that everyone’s filled with good intentions, but the road to perdition is filled with good intentions. There should have been no gaps.” 

This poses the question: did biting the hand that feeds her get her blackballed?

Going independent

what happened to amerie

In June 2008, Contact Music revealed Amerie had signed a production deal with Island Def Jam Music Group, which allowed her to release music under her own label, Feenix Rising. 

All she needed to do next was crank out some hits, right?!  She released her fourth album, In Love & War in 2009. The album hit no. 3 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. It also included a couple of mediocre tracks, including ”Why R U” and “Heard Em All” featuring Lil Wayne. 

Sadly, it looked like the old Amerie was gone, and then this happened...

A weird name change

what happened to amerie

The strangest thing happened in 2010. All of a sudden, the singer announced she was canning her name “Amerie” and would be referred to as “Ameriie” from here on out. Yes, she added an extra “i,” which was all sorts of crazy, in our opinion.

We weren’t the only ones who were giving her the side eye, so she decided to clarify her decision in a statement made to Rap-Up. “I operate on vibes and intuition, and I believe everything is energy; the vibration of the double I is right for me. Slightly different spelling, completely same pronunciation!” she wrote. Umm, okay.

That following year, she was asked about her name change again during an interview with Pacific Rim Video Press. She said she made the change for a “personal” reason and left it at that.

Oddly enough, she’s back to being “Amerie” on her Instagram account so who even knows wtf she was going through during that time.

She found success as a YouTuber 

what happened to amerie

Most artists use their YouTube channels to promote their music videos. Amerie, on the other hand, decided to revamp her channel to encompass all things lifestyle-related. She has everything, from book reviews to makeup tutorials, so go ahead and hit that subscribe button.

Oh, and feel free to subscribe to Real Reality Gossip’s YouTube channel too while you’re at it! :) 

If her music isn't popping like before, she might as well explore other avenues to stay connected to her fans. 

She’s a published author 

what happened to amerie

Wait, let me correct that — she’s a New York Times best-selling author! In 2017, she teamed up with a bunch of other writers to create the Young Adult anthology Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy

The book’s Amazon profile states: "Thirteen acclaimed, bestselling authors team up with thirteen influential BookTubers to reimagine fairy tales from the oft-misunderstood villains' points of view.” 

Sounds spooky. We stan.

She’s a mommy and a wife 

what happened to amerie

Amerie married her longtime boyfriend, Sony music executive Lenny Nicholson, in June 2011. In May 2018, she and her husband welcomed their first child, a son named River Rowe. He has his own Instagram, so follow him if you’re into that sort of thing. 

She's slangin' merch 

In researching what the eff happened to Amerie, I discovered that she’s a business guru. She sells her own merch on a website called River Row. From sweatshirts to T-shirts and coffee mugs, you can load up on countless Amerie-approved items. 

Music is still her passion

Believe it or not, she’s still releasing music. She teased us with the idea of Cymatika Vol. 1, a CD that was set to explore electronic music and androgyny. Confused? Yeah, you’re not the only one, but it doesn’t matter at this point because the album still hasn’t seen the light of day. 

Then, she started talking about Because I Love It Vol. II., and that album got shelved, as well. She then teamed back up with hitmaker Rich Harrison for 2015’s single “Out Loud,” and she released her EP Drive in 2016, which was named one of the best R&B albums by Rolling Stone magazine. 

In 2018, she hit us with 4AM Mulholland and After 4AM, proving that she may not be at the top of the charts anymore, but she's still a creative genius who's determined to bring her unique sound to the masses. 

Jul 3, 2019

Irv Gotti Is Still Talking About Betraying J Lo While Abusing Drugs

Irv gotti betrayed j lo drugs

Whew chile. Another day, another dose of steaming hot stanky mess in the celeb-o-sphere. This time, it's Irv Gotti who's spilling his own tea to BET's new Black Coffee series about some of his professional and personal regrets.

"I've had a ton of misses. What people don't see is the misses. I've got a Goddaughter Rickey, she's in the business, and she's always like, 'You doing it Uncle, you doing it!' I said, 'Rickey because you don't see the thousand no's. You just see the one yes.' But I don't wear the no's because I'ma run through that," 

One of his biggest regret has to do with his former friend, Jennifer Lopez. And, yes, Irv has talked about their fractured friendship before — in particular, during a 2017 intrerview with Hot 97.

So what happened? Irv said he got into it with music executive Tommy Mottola. Right after their blowup, Elle magazine called him to get some quotes for their J Lo feature article.

"So I hang the phone up, and literally within two minutes, I'm on 10 and I'm high, which is not a good mixture. So the phone rings and it's Elle magazine, and they say, 'We want to get some quotes, with you and J.Lo,' and I said some wild s**t. She didn't deserve that." 

Irv said he was gone off of "like, three ecstasy pills, which was the daily. That was like [my] breakfast. For three years I was high. All of those great records though we made, high as a motherf*****r."

Dang. I can't even lie. He made some of the best music when he was blown!

J Lo always  maintained her song "I'm Real" featuring Ja Rule wasn't about her ex-boyfriend Diddy, but Irv, being out of his mind, told Elle, "that b***h is lying!"

Since then, he has tried to get back into the singer's good grace, to no avail.

"I sent her flowers and roses. I apologized and I will continue to apologize for the rest of my life, and I will say, 'I'm a f*****g idiot.' But if she never trusts me again, I can't blame her. I'm an idiot. Like that one, that's my biggest regret." 

And that, my friends, is how you ruin a friendship in less than 60 seconds!

Do you think J Lo will ever forgive him, or did she do the right thing by cutting him off?

Jul 2, 2019

50 Cent Receives Backlash for Body-Shaming Wendy Williams

wendy williams gay pride 50 cent

For those who are unaware, Wendy Williams has been living her best life ever since she decided to drop her husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter.

The talk show host has been jet setting all across the US and even spent some time in Los Angeles to chill with her new tenderoni.

So while Wendy is outchea enjoying herself, she's been sharing a lot of personal photos on her Instagram account, including the above picture of her wearing a rainbow-colored striped jumpsuit in honor of LGBT Pride Month in NYC.

50 Cent, who has been beefing with Wendy for years, reposted her picture to his Instagram account, along with this caption:
Likeee...was that even necessary? Immediately, the rapper was bombarded by Instagram comments.

"This is body shaming and is actually so gross. Cheap by name, cheap by reputation." 

"Big ups to @wendyshow for loving and living your life! For showing people that no matter what dust yourself off and CONTINUE LIVING LIFE!! WAYYYYY more than ANYTHING POSITIVE I HAVE LEARNED FROM @50cent ..Go figure!" 

"And you been skipping fathers day for many years 😳" 

But, sadly, there were tons of comments that agreed with the rapper. Many people think that since Wendy has made a living bashing other people, she deserves to be dragged in return.

Yeah, I get it. She sits up and spills tea and criticizes celebrities on a day-to-day basis. But what's the difference between Wendy gossiping about someone's life and getting paid for it, and the rest of us sitting around talking smack for free? #FoodForThot

They say "hurt people hurt people," and I'm not sure what happened to 50 to make him so petty 24/7.  We see how he's treating Young Buck and Teairra Mari. He's relentless with the drags and it's so exhausting.

But as for Wendy, honey, she's booked, busy, and unbothered as she continues to collect them checks!

What do you think? Is 50 wrong for coming for Wendy and her ankles?

Jul 1, 2019

More Things You Never Knew About Nipsey Hussle

nipsey hussle things you never knew

Ermias Asghedom emerged on the rap scene as Nipsey Hussle and debuted his self-released mixtape Slauson Boy Volume 1 in 2005.

From the start, he was determined to change the game, all while giving back to his community, becoming an established businessman, and launching his own record label, All Money In Records. He was a true embodiment of one of KRS-One’s greatest quotes: “Rap is something you do. Hip hop is something you live."

Nipsey was murdered outside of his The Marathon Clothing store on March 31, 2019, and as we continue to honor his legacy and send love and support to Lauren London, his family, and friends, we’ve discovered more information about the admirable emcee who was wise beyond his years.

Here are a few more things you never knew about the late Nipsey Hussle.

His family roots 

nipsey hussle

To understand more about Nipsey’s life and upbringing, it’s important to look deeper into his family tree. His maternal grandmother, Margaret Boutte grew up in New Orleans in the 1930s. During that time, the city was segregated and struggled with intense racial inequality. Nipsey told Baller Status that in the ‘40s, his grandma moved to South Los Angeles in search of a better life.

She purchased a house on Slauson Avenue — the same house where his mom, Angelique Boutte Smith, was raised.

In the DJ Khaled song “Higher,” Nipsey reveals his dad Dawit Asghedom met his mom at the Century Club. The rapper told Parle magazine his parents split up when he was three, and his mom lived just five minutes away from his grandma’s house. Nipsey would spend time at both homes, up until his mom remarried.

He wasn’t fond of her new husband, so around the age of 14, he made his grandma’s house his permanent residence for a bit. Nipsey said, “My granny always had good advice for me. She never judged me and always believed in what I was trying to do, as far as music.”

He dropped out of high school 

nipsey hussle childhood picture

According to The Guardian, Nipsey’s high school accused him of breaking into the computer lab. Because of that incident, he chose to drop out of school. He said that his mom tried to talk some sense into him by stressing the importance of getting a good education.

He was spending so much time out on the streets, school was put on the back burner, and he eventually joined the Rollin’ 60s Crips.

Family over everything 

nipsey hussle lauren london kids

He told Baller Status that his inner circle consisted of his immediate family members. He said his entire family worked together to help propel his career.

At one point, his dad was assisting with the logistics of his tour schedule, and he could be frequently spotted working behind the cash register at The Marathon Clothing Store. Nipsey’s brother Sam Asghedom also played a strategic role behind the scenes as his “mentor and chief day-to-day manager.”

Sam maintained his role as Nip’s bigger brother on all levels. Nipsey said, “Even when I try to give him s**t, he turn it down like, “Nah, I got my own, boss. Just save your money. We’re going to invest and open a business. We don’t need no handouts.”

Nipsey considered himself blessed because none of his immediate family members displayed any kind of jealousy toward him after he became successful in the rap industry.

He said they gave him nothing but sincere love and never depended on him for anything. He added, “Don’t nobody ask me for nothing. They don’t assume that I got the bill when we go out.”

No pen and paper needed

nipsey hussle j stone

When he first became serious about making music, it would sometimes take him two to three days to write and record his songs. But he told Baller Status that when he heard other artists like Jay-Z and Raekwon of WuTang were recording their records without writing down their lyrics, he decided to challenge himself to see if he could do the same.

The father of two told the magazine he would write down the concept and the hook, but as for the verses, he began recording them off the dome.

His 2010 mixtape The Marathon was the last project he ever wrote lyrics for. He told NPR, “I get a more passionate delivery when I just go in the booth and let the music talk. It's less rigid and it's less structured.”

The movie role that never happened

Early on in his career, Nipsey was able to work with many of his peers. He listed a few of his favorite collaborators as Drake, The Game, and Snoop Dogg.

The feeling was mutual between him and Snoop. The Long Beach rapper told Us Weekly in 2010 that Nipsey was one of his favorite rappers. Many people noticed the physical similarities between them too, and their resemblance was one of the reasons filmmaker Benny Boom wanted Nipsey to play the role of Snoop Dogg in the 2017 film All Eyez On Me.

Benny told Too Fab because of Nipsey’s busy music and touring schedule, as well as his dedication to community work, he didn’t have enough time to commit to the filming schedule.

The role was eventually given to actor Jarrett Ellis, but Benny said, "I'm definitely upset, cause Nipsey was my guy. I am upset that we didn't get an opportunity to have him in the movie."

Life-changing moments 

nipsey hussle dawit asghedom sam asghedom eritrea

The most pivotal moments in his life occurred during his two trips to his dad’s home country of Eritrea During his first three-month trip, he was just 18-years-old, and he said the visit helped him fill in a lot of blank spots in his life.

Another life-changing moment happened in 2008 when Barack Obama became president. In an interview, Nipsey said he thought Obama was a “sincere dude.” And Nipsey was very impressed by Obama’s commitment to healthcare reform.

Though he wouldn’t realize it during his lifetime, Nipsey made an impact on Obama, as well. During his April 2019 memorial, Karen Civil read a letter that was written by the former president.

Obama explained how he was touched by Nipsey’s dedication to rebuilding his neighborhood, and he added, “I hope his memory inspires more good work in Crenshaw and communities like it."

Unexpected fans 

nipsey hussle ashanti

The Victory Lap artist not only inspired his fans, but he was highly respected in the entertainment industry as well. Actor Ving Rhames was headed off to South Africa to film a movie. And to keep him occupied during his trip, he told HipHopDx in 2010 that his step-daughter loaded up his iPod with some music.

One of the songs just so happened to be a Nipsey track. Ving told the publication, “A lot of what he was saying was so honest and truthful.”

He listened to Nip’s music for seven weeks straight and he said the lyrics really hit home because they perfectly described his own upbringing on the streets of Harlem.

Ashanti is another artist who had a close connection to the rapper. She told Entertainment Tonight that if she ever needed some motivation, she knew she could always count on Nipsey.

During one of their last text message conversations, she told the rapper she needed to record in the studio, but her allergies were acting up. Ashanti said Nipsey told her he had the perfect remedy, and he began recommending a bunch of different herbs that would alleviate her symptoms.

The R&B singer said, “And he was sending me links and like, ‘Sis, I got you, you gotta try this.’” Ashanti described Nipsey as having an amazing spirit and a pure heart. She added, “He was always willing to help and always really positive.”

As we continue to keep Nipsey’s family and friends uplifted in prayer, let us know which of these facts about his life shocked you the most.

Jun 28, 2019

The Sad Truth About Teairra Mari's Life Story

Teairra Mari kick-started her career alongside Rihanna. While Rihanna was propelled into superstardom, things didn’t quite go as planned for Teairra. This is a tale of heartbreak, abandonment, and disappointment. So what really happened that led the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star down the wrong path?

Here’s the truth about the R&B singer and reality star's life story.

Big dreams

Teairra Mari

At the age of 12, Teairra told her mom, “I know I can do what Brandy, Monica, and Aaliyah do.” Inspired by many of the great Motown legends and her grandmother, who was a backup singer for Aretha Franklin, Teairra knew she could be just as successful.

She began singing in church and recording demos in her cousin's basement. Soon enough, a local station began playing one of her songs on the radio.

A father figure

teairra mari jay-z roc-a-fella records

At the age of 16, she recorded a demo with a local production company, which led to an audition in front of Island Def Jam Music Group chairman, Antonio L.A. Reid. He was so impressed by her vocals, he signed her right away.

A year later, when Jay-Z became the president of Def Jam, Teairra was signed to Roc-A-Fella Records. The other artists on the roster became her family, and she even considered Jay a father figure.

She was given the name “Princess of the Roc,” and she was marketed as the urban Avril Lavigne.

Troubled romance 

Teairra Mari

During that same time, she entered her first rocky relationship. She told King magazine that at the age of 17, in between her busy tour schedule, she secretly rented an apartment in Atlanta to spend time with her boyfriend.

Teairra said her boyfriend turned out to be very controlling and abusive. He allegedly pulled a gun out on her. Thankfully, she eventually found the strength and courage to leave the relationship.

An unexpected blow 

teairra mari

Her first album, Roc-A-Fella Presents: Teairra Mari, was released in 2005. Her single “Make Her Feel Good” was an instant hit, according to Billboard. But when she released her follow-up track, “No Daddy” — a song about her tumultuous upbringing and living without a father — it flopped.

Still, Teairra was determined to make her follow-up album a success. After receiving her advance money from the label, she went back home to Detroit to finish her senior year of high school.

On the day of her prom, she received a phone call letting her know she had been dropped from Roc-A-Fella. Teairra told Urban Mag that she was shocked, confused, and didn’t really know what to do with her life.

She and her mom had a falling out and weren’t even talking at the time, so moved into her grandmother’s house in Detroit and tried to figure out her next step.

A medical crisis changed everything 

teairra mari life story

She graduated from high school and was immediately faced with a ton of family issues. She told Urban Mag her mom suffered a stroke and lost her ability to communicate.

Family issues aside, Teairra was also dealing with feeling abandoned by Jay and the rest of the Roc-A-Fella team. She told All Hip Hop that she never received a call from him and it left her completely heartbroken.

Major trouble 

teairra mari chrissy lampkin love and hip hop new york

In 2011, she became a supporting cast member on Love & Hip Hop New York. That same year, she was busted for rear-ending a car while driving in Beverly Hills, according to The Fix.

She was charged with driving under the influence and assault on an officer after she allegedly became combative on the scene.

Inner struggles 

teairra mari life story

In 2014, Teairra was asked to join Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. On the series, her relationship struggles with Ray J were front and center. And her personal issues became more evident to viewers and her co-stars.

During an episode of VH1’s Messiness & Mimosas YouTube series, it was revealed that Teairra’s mom, who was still dealing with health issues relating to her stroke, gave birth to a baby in 2016. It caused a lot of strain in Teairra’s family, and many of her co-stars, including Moniece Slaughter, believed she was self-medicating to help her deal with the situation.

Teairra eventually agreed to enter a rehab facility and became committed to maintaining her sobriety.

Public humiliation 

teairra mari life story

In May 2018, she took action against 50 Cent and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad, accusing them of releasing racy photos and videos without her permission.

A judge dismissed the case in Jan. 2019, according to The Blast. Teairra was ordered to pay 50’s legal fees, which totaled a little over thirty thousand dollars. Teairra made it clear she didn’t have the funds to pay him in a diss track entitled "I Ain't Got It," and it wouldn’t be long before she was hit with another setback.

More legal issues 

teairra mari life story

Teairra was pulled over in Queens in June 2019 when cops noticed she was driving while the front wheel of her Dodge Charger was missing. Teairra was booked for DWI and driving without a license. As of this writing, she's awaiting arraignment, TMZ reports.

Teairra Mari desperately wanted to become an R&B superstar, just like her label mate Rihanna. But sadly, her life took a turn in a different direction.

Are you shocked by Teairra’s life story? Leave your answer down below!