May 31, 2019

Who Is Nipsey Hussle's Baby Mama Tanisha Foster?

Tanisha Foster Nipsey Hussle baby mama

Many people are aware of the love Nipsey Hussle had for Lauren London, the mother of his son Kross Asghedom. But there was another person in his life who was also significant, and her name is Tanisha Foster. She’s the mother of his daughter Emani Asghedom, and following the news that Nipsey's life had been cut short outside of his Marathon Clothing Store, fans wondered what kind of relationship Tanisha had with the late rapper and those closest to him.

Here’s what we know about Nipsey’s first baby mama.

Her early years

tanisha foster chyna hussle

When she was born on May 17, 1984, she was given the name of Tanisha Foster. But online, she goes by a few different names, including Tanisha Asghedom on Facebook, although she and Nipsey were never married.

On Twitter and Instagram, she goes by the name Chyna Hussle. In an Instagram caption, Tanisha revealed that it was Nipsey’s late friend and business partner Stephen “Fatts” Donelson who gave her the nickname "Chyna the Locc." The name stuck with her ever since.

Her relationship with Nipsey Hussle

nipsey hussle chyna hussle

It’s unclear exactly when she and Nipsey met. But in a December 2012 Facebook post, she showed off a tattoo in honor of the rapper. In the comments section, she confirmed that she and Nipsey had been together for almost ten years. That would mean they started dating sometime around 2002 when they were teenagers.

how long was nipsey hussle with tanisha foster

Tanisha would also have a son by someone else in 2003, and a daughter a few years later. 

The truth about her pregnancy

nipsey hussle tanisha foster pregnant

In 2008, she found out she was pregnant by Nipsey. In a documentary about fatherhood, Nipsey said he was excited but worried because he and Tanisha weren’t together when she got pregnant. Either way, they decided to keep the baby and raise the child together. 

Things didn’t go as planned though. Nipsey got locked up at some point during Tanisha’s pregnancy, and when he was behind bars, that’s when he picked the perfect name for his daughter: Emani Dior. Nipsey said he liked the name because it means “beautiful faith” in Swahili and because it starts with an “E,” just like his name, Ermias.

Life as co-parents

tanisha foster emani asghedom

Emani was born in 2009, and Nipsey and Tanisha jumped into their lives as co-parents. Nipsey proved to be an amazing father to their daughter and a great father figure to her other kids. In December 2012, Tanisha revealed that Nipsey was taking her children shopping for school clothes as a Christmas present. 

She also referred to him as the best father ever, and even though they weren’t always on good terms, Tanisha always repped his clothing brand. She would wish him a happy birthday, and a happy father’s day, and it appeared that she still had a close relationship with many of his close family members and friends. Nipsey had nothing but respect for her also, which was evident by this 2011 shoutout he posted on Twitter. 

Then things got messy

When Valentine’s Day 2013 rolled around, Tanisha went to Las Vegas with Nipsey, according to a post on her Facebook page. But that same year, he would meet and fall in love with actress Lauren London

Nipsey and Lauren became inseparable. Although they kept their relationship private, they would post pictures of each other on their social media accounts from time to time. To outsiders, it was clear that Lauren and Nipsey were definitely in love. 

However, in 2014, Tanisha attempted to tweet Lauren London. She accidentally sent the message to the wrong account, but she basically stated that Nipsey was still in love with her. It wouldn’t be the first time Tanisha alleged there was something more than co-parenting going on between her and the rapper. 

In November 2017, in response to a fan’s comments which read that she and Nipsey were rumored to be reuniting, Tanisha responded: "We never broke up lol show me the blog." 

Her custody battle

tanisha foster custody battle

Tanisha has been in the news more than ever since Nipsey passed away. It all started with the rapper’s fans realizing she wasn’t included in his public memorial service. But she was still recognized when Adam Anderbrhan read his obituary, and Tanisha was referred to as Nipsey’s “love.” 

She’s now involved in a custody battle. Nipsey’s sister, Samantha Smith, told the court she believes Tanisha is an unfit mother, according to TMZ. In order to ensure the continued stability for Emani, Samantha asked for custody of the little girl. 

On May 20, 2019, the court agreed to place Emani in Samantha’s care. Tanisha, who said she hadn’t seen Emani in months, reportedly broke down crying in court when she saw her daughter for the first time. 

More bad news for Tanisha

That’s not the only thing she has on her plate. TMZ also revealed that Tanisha was wanted by the authorities after she skipped out on a May court date for a DUI charge she received a couple years back. According to The Blast, Tanisha was ordered to attend AA meetings and she's facing jail time.

Our hearts break that Emani not only lost her dad, but she’s now caught in the middle of this battle. Regardless of how Nipsey’s fans feel about Tanisha, does she deserve to be treated with respect for giving Nipsey one of the greatest gifts he has ever received? 

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