May 17, 2019

Things You Never Knew About Lauren London

facts about lauren london

Lauren London caught her big break in 2006 when she appeared on Season 1 of Everybody Hates Chris. Since then, she has appeared in music videos for Ludacris, Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg, and Ne-Yo. She has also appeared classic films, including ATL and This Christmas.

With the passing of her son's father and soulmate, Nipsey Hussle, more and more people are interested in who Lauren is behind the scenes. Although she keeps most of her personal life private, we were able to find some interesting things you never knew about Lauren London.

1. Growing up biracial was difficult
lauren london's mom and dad
Lauren Nicole London was born on December 5, 1984, to an African-American mother and a Jewish father. Being biracial wasn’t always easy for her. She told Skin Deep author Kathleen Cross that she was teased by her cousins on her mom’s side for “not being black enough.”

During the summer, she would spend time with her dad. He would send her to an all-white summer camp where none of the other kids looked like her. As she got older, she learned not to care what people think about her identity. She said, “I’m black enough [...] I’m okay with who I am and it is what is it is. I’m a black woman.”

2. One of her favorite childhood memories

things you never knew about lauren london

In a 2007 interview with Kam Williams of News Blaze, Lauren said her best holiday memory was celebrating Christmas with her mom, her aunt, and her little cousin. She also mentioned that as a child, Santa Clause wouldn’t always bring her presents. But either way, she enjoyed spending that time with her loved ones.

3. An early love for acting

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She developed a love for acting when she was in junior high. After starting her freshman year of high school, she was homeschooled so she could focus on her career. And in just a few years, she got her big break.

4. Her first music video

lauren london pharrell williams frontin

She starred in her first music video when she was a senior in high school. While working as an assistant for video director Paul Hunter, he noticed that Pharrell Williams' video for the song “Frontin’” was looking for “regular looking girls.” Paul told 17-year-old Lauren to hop on a plane and head to Miami to appear on the video set.

Lauren told The Source she was so unprepared to appear on camera. She didn’t even have time to get her hair done. Although she looks back at the footage and thinks she looks “a mess” in the video, she considered it one of the most fun experiences, and she and Pharrell have been close friends ever since.

5. More opportunities as a video vixen

Her friendship with Pharrell opened up so many doors for her. And when it came time for him to cast video vixens for the song “Drop It Like It’s Hot” with Snoop Dogg, he called Lauren for some help. The actress said she was put in charge of casting all of the models, so she pretty much hired all of her friends to star in the music video.

6. A bad tattoo teaches a valuable lesson

Lauren has been dropping wisdom ever since she became a celebrity. One of the most important life lessons she gave to young girls came courtesy of a 2017 feature by Entity Magazine. Lauren admitted that at the age of 16, she got a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name.

She advised other girls to think twice before they followed her lead, not because the tattoo hurt, but because she knows that as a teenager, feelings can change so quickly. She stated, “You can show your love in other ways. Ink is not it.”

Of course, she would later go on to get a tattoo in honor of Nipsey Hussle following his March 31, 2019 death. The body art features an image of Nipsey's face and the words "God will rise," which is the English translation of Nipsey's Eritrean first name, Ermias.

Things are different this time, though. Not only is Lauren older and wiser, but she and Nipsey have a bond that can never be broken.

7. Important advice she learned from her mom

lauren london things you never knew

As an adult, the one lesson Lauren learned from her mom was how to be resilient. The actress told Vibe Vixen in 2013 that her mom grew up struggling, but she always remained positive no matter what. Lauren said her mom’s outlook on life was the one thing she wanted to pass down to her kids.

8. The real reason she's so private

She’s very protective of her personal life for many reasons. She prefers to live a low-key life and she likes to keep her business to herself. She has also admitted she has no interest in being famous. She told Vibe Vixen in 2013 that another reason why she chooses to keep to herself is because she’s very “socially awkward.” She added, “I get nervous in large crowds.”

9. Does she get along with Lil Wayne's other baby mamas?

In 2009, Lauren gave birth to her son, Cameron Carter, whom she shares with Lil Wayne. Many people were curious to know how Lauren got along with Wayne’s three other baby mamas, which include Toya Wright (pictured, left), Sarah Vivian, and R&B singer Nivea (pictured, right).

Always the one to express positivity, Lauren made it clear that she and the other women in Wayne’s life got along wonderfully. She told Skin Deep author Kathleen Cross that all of the ladies want the best for their children. Real bonds and friendships have grown between Lauren and the other children’s mothers, which she says leads to less drama and less stress for everyone involved.

10. An eclectic taste in music

lauren london cassie best friends

During an appearance on Snoop Dogg's Double G News, Lauren said her three favorite Los Angeles rappers were DJ Quik, Daz, and Kurupt. Although she was in long-term relationships with two rappers, Nipsey Hussle and Lil Wayne, and her best friend is R&B singer Cassie (pictured, left), Lauren's taste in music goes beyond hip hop and soulful classics.

In an interview with Complex, it was revealed that Barbara Streisand is her idol. Lauren added, "You think because I’m some little black girl, I can’t love Barbra? [Laughs.] I’m the little half-black, half-Jewish girl who was odd and awkward. I try to be myself. Barbra didn’t look like Vivian Leigh or Lucille Ball: She was Barbra Streisand. She made her own mark."

 11. Her life is dedicated to her kids

lauren london nipsey hussle kids

Her life is dedicated to her two children, Cameron and Kross Asghedom. In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life on March 3, 2019, she said that she always takes her kids on vacation after she’s done filming a movie or television show because it gives them something to look forward to.

She’s also a very hands-on parent. She said, “I make lunches, I take them to school, I pick them up, I take them to birthdays.” And on her off days, she dedicates every single moment to her boys.

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