Feb 25, 2019

Wendy Williams’ Sad Life Story

Wendy Williams has made a living out of spilling tea about actors, musicians, and entertainers. But if you want to hear some really juicy gossip, you don’t have to look any further than her life story.

Throughout the years, the talk show host has shared details about how she was "tortured" during her childhood, and she even claims she was "fat-shamed" by her parents. A decades-long battle with crack cocaine addiction soon took over her life, but addiction still found a way to creep its way into her household when her 14-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr. was introduced to a form of synthetic marijuana.

If you're curious about the rest of the details surrounding Wendy's life, including how she really feels about all the rumors that she was "born a man," to the story about the FIRST time her husband, Kevin Hunter, cheated on her, check out our video:

Wendy is scheduled to return to her talk show on March 4, 2019. We wonder if she'll address the new allegations that her husband has a baby on the way? Hmmm...

Were you shocked by her life story?


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