Jul 9, 2017

Rob Kardashian Feenin for Blac Chyna? Posts Strange Tweet on Their Wedding Day

So by now you already know Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been dragging each other all over social media.

It all started when Chyna sent Rob a video of her in bed with another man on the 4th of July.

That's when Rob released the kraken and poured all of Chyna's infidelity and scamming tea all over the interwebs.

She allegedly "cheated" on him, but they were supposedly broken up? But he was still texting her for some pootang? But she was lying up in the bed they conceived their daughter in with another man? It was hard to keep up because Rob was pouring the tea at lightening speeds and deleting it all before we could have the chance to digest it.

Chyna clapped back by saying Rob was abusive during their relationship which made Rob even angrier and he started leaking her nudes.

One of Chyna's side pieces was later outed as bisexual, Rob went on to repo the cars he gave Chyna. And in one final attempt to scam him, Chyna allegedly tried to charge $300K worth of jewelry on Rob's credit card on July 4th (before or after she was laid up with another man? Not sure).

Anywaytho, all of this nonsense and fukkery prompted me to take a look back into Chyna's history to see who else she has scammed dated in the past. Did you know she had a thing with Drake? And Gucci Mane? And even Waka Flocka? Yup, it's true...

So even after all this went down, Rob was still acting rather hoe-motional on the Internet, and he made this tweet (which was later deleted, of course).

7/7/17 would've been their wedding day and the Shamrock was the emoji they used together during their relationship (why? Who knows).

So Chyna is such a horrible person but he's still in his feelings because they couldn't go through with the wedding? I'm not surprised he's still feenin for her after all of this, but he should be happy he dodged a bullet, right?


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