Jun 14, 2017

Stevie J Wants a List of Joseline’s Partners

stevie j joseline hernandez sex partners

Stevie J and Joseline may have briefly reconciled over the weekend, but the couple is back to beefin' in the courtroom!

Sources say Stevie has pleaded with a judge to order Joseline to take a psych exam. He thinks the Puerto Rican Princess is violent and unstable, and he's afraid she might put their daughter in danger.

He says Joseline has a history of stalking, harassment and violent behavior towards him that has been documented on episodes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Steebie also says he doesn't want to pay the bill for her psych exam because Joseline has more than enough money. Through his lawyer, he's asking for her financial statements from the years 2014-2017, confirmation of her LHHATL salary, confirmation of her highest education level (WTF??), a list of all of her arrests within the past 10 years (ruh roh), and records of drug or alcohol treatment she has received.

Oh, and get this, he also wants the full first and last names of all the men (and women?) she had intercourse with since May 1, 2016!

These two are such a mess!

Is Stevie crossing the line?


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