Jun 17, 2017

So They’re Saying THIS Is Kenya Moore’s Husband!

kenya moore husband

Now that Kenya Moore has officially confirmed she's indeed a married woman, you know it didn't take long for the Internet to get the tea on her new man. According to sources, the man in the pic is named Marc Daly, and he's Kenya's mystery huzzbannnddd.

He supposedly owns a restaurant named SoCoBK in Brooklyn, NY. But some bad business dealings left a nasty taste in his partners' mouths. Sip the tea:
"He and his partner had a falling out – and that’s where the CONTROVERSY about Marc comes in. During the breakup of Marc’s former partnerships, there were a lot of ACCUSATIONS being thrown at him – which we can’t repeat for now. But it suffices to say that there are some people who DO NOT think highly of Marc and his business practices. Marc is a former investment banker and would SHUT DOWN the back of his restaurant – so that Kenya could eat in peace. They had a whirlwind romance and now he and Kenya are man and wife...Kenya and Marc do NOT want to discuss their marriage on camera for the upcoming Housewives season."
"Ooouuu, he kinda fine" *Kenya voice*

What do y'all think. Is Kenya pulling stunts again or could this really be her new husband?


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