Jun 20, 2017

Why Does Love & Hip Hop Keep Recycling Cisco Rosado?

cisco rosado love and hip hop jennifer williams

Listen, I'm about sick and tired of Love & Hip Hop trying to make Cisco Rosado happen.

Wait, hear me out.

To start, I'm convinced that Cisco was in a real relationship with former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams. They kept their relationship really low key, but something tells me Cisco was chasing fame rather than Jennifer's love. He must've had dreams of being on reality TV, and what better way to get some shine than to hook up with a star on one of the popular shows? But his plan backfired because Jenn took a break from TV during the time they were dating.

So Cisco faded to black for awhile until he popped up on Love & Hip Hop New York as Diamond Strawberry's boyfriend.

Those of you might remember I blew the lid off their fake relationship wayyy back in 2014.

I knew they were frontin' for the cameras, especially since there weren't any pictures of this alleged "couple" on either of their social media accounts.

And what do you know? Cisco and Diamond "broke up," and so he moved on to his next fauxlationship with Mariah Lynn.


Apparently, Cisco smashed Mariah just to get back at his fellow creep, Rich Dollaz.

And now, guess what? Cisco is back. But this time, he's in L.A. and he's supposedly in a relationship with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Teairra Mari.

Word on the curb is Mona Scott-Young thinks that mixing up the NY cast with the Hollywood cast will boost the ratings. That's why we also saw Rich Dollaz briefly "in a relationship" with Moniece Slaughter in the past.

This show is getting desperate AF. When will the madness end?

Now the real question is: WHY is VH1/Mona/LHH so desperate to make Cisco pop? Why are these female cast members so quick to agree to be his "girlfriend" for a few episodes? WTF ever happened to his baby mama who he kept having kids with but refused to marry? Why the hell does he look like a damn thumb?

So many questions, not enough answers!

Pictures of Reality Celebs BEFORE the Fame

reality celebs before after pictures

If you've ever wondered what your favorite reality celeb looked like before fame came around, we've got some pretty shocking pictures to show you.

Here are the baby pictures and childhood photos of stars from Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives and the Real Housewives franchises.

Which star had the cutest baby picture?

Jun 18, 2017

Pictures of Reality TV Stars On Their Wedding Day

reality tv stars wedding photos

You're cordially invited to view these pictures of your favorite reality TV stars on their wedding day.

We were able to dig up photos from stars, such as Tami Roman, Jackie Christie, Brandi Maxiell, and Shaunie O'Neal of Basketball Wives L.A.; Nene Leakes, Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks of Real Housewives of Atlanta; Karen Huger, Ashley Darby, Monique Samuels, and Gizelle Bryant of Real Housewives of Potomac and more.

These women all looked beautiful on their wedding day, and it's just too bad many of these marriages didn't last!

Jun 17, 2017

Matt Jordan Pours His Heart Out to Kenya One Last Time

Matt Jordan is clinging to his last 15 minutes of fame by pouring his heart out to Kenya Moore one last time.

 Matt says he had to find out from strangers online about Kenya's nuptials, and the news "rocked" him. He also professes his love for her - even though he thinks Kenya was seeing this new man while they were still in a relationship.

Did he really have the nerve to say leave him alone after all that? LOL. Matt's a mess.

You know this isn't the last we'll hear from him...

So They’re Saying THIS Is Kenya Moore’s Husband!

kenya moore husband

Now that Kenya Moore has officially confirmed she's indeed a married woman, you know it didn't take long for the Internet to get the tea on her new man. According to sources, the man in the pic is named Marc Daly, and he's Kenya's mystery huzzbannnddd.

He supposedly owns a restaurant named SoCoBK in Brooklyn, NY. But some bad business dealings left a nasty taste in his partners' mouths. Sip the tea:
"He and his partner had a falling out – and that’s where the CONTROVERSY about Marc comes in. During the breakup of Marc’s former partnerships, there were a lot of ACCUSATIONS being thrown at him – which we can’t repeat for now. But it suffices to say that there are some people who DO NOT think highly of Marc and his business practices. Marc is a former investment banker and would SHUT DOWN the back of his restaurant – so that Kenya could eat in peace. They had a whirlwind romance and now he and Kenya are man and wife...Kenya and Marc do NOT want to discuss their marriage on camera for the upcoming Housewives season."
"Ooouuu, he kinda fine" *Kenya voice*

What do y'all think. Is Kenya pulling stunts again or could this really be her new husband?

Jun 14, 2017

Stevie J Wants a List of Joseline’s Partners

stevie j joseline hernandez sex partners

Stevie J and Joseline may have briefly reconciled over the weekend, but the couple is back to beefin' in the courtroom!

Sources say Stevie has pleaded with a judge to order Joseline to take a psych exam. He thinks the Puerto Rican Princess is violent and unstable, and he's afraid she might put their daughter in danger.

He says Joseline has a history of stalking, harassment and violent behavior towards him that has been documented on episodes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Steebie also says he doesn't want to pay the bill for her psych exam because Joseline has more than enough money. Through his lawyer, he's asking for her financial statements from the years 2014-2017, confirmation of her LHHATL salary, confirmation of her highest education level (WTF??), a list of all of her arrests within the past 10 years (ruh roh), and records of drug or alcohol treatment she has received.

Oh, and get this, he also wants the full first and last names of all the men (and women?) she had intercourse with since May 1, 2016!

These two are such a mess!

Is Stevie crossing the line?

NeNe Officially Announces Her Return to RHOA

nene leakes real housewives atlanta

Welp, it's official. NeNe Leakes has signed on to appear on Season 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She celebrated the news by sharing a revealing picture of herself...

Now that Phaedra Parks has allegedly been given the boot for starting those horrible rumors about Kandi Burruss, NeNe will be taking her place.

Oh, and did we mention Kim Zolciak is coming back, too? They might as well call up Lisa Wu and Deshawn Snow and take it all the way back to Season 1!

Judging by NeNe's Instagram caption, it sounds like the salary negotiations went her way this time. But she'll only be a part-time cast member because she's has a lot of other projects to focus on, like her clothing store and fashion line.

Will you be watching?

Jun 13, 2017

Did Kenya Moore Get Married?

According to blogger Tamara Tattles, Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta is officially a married woman. Kenya has been in St. Lucia for over a week with a man she has been dating for 8 months. Things got serious and their relationship turned into a destination wedding. Here's what Tamara had to say:
I’ve noticed that Kenya has been on a lovely island posting romantic photos with her man for over a week. I have known about the man Kenya has been dating for around 8 months, and that it was becoming increasingly serious. I have known that she wanted to keep things very private and that she would not be sharing the relationship on the show. I know that he is age appropriate for adult children and that all of the drama playing out on TV was disturbing to her man and the family. So when she started posting photos from St. Lucia where it was evident that she was there with her man I assumed that she was just there doing what she usually does, going off on a Caribbean vacation before the laborious filming of RHOA starts. As it turns out it was much more than that. Tamara Tattles can exclusively report that Kenya Moore has married her boyfriend in Saint Lucia!!!
You know Matt's about to have a breakdown in 5,4,3...

Jun 12, 2017

Karen King Is Ready to Pop a Cap in Her Man!

karen king pistol

Karen King unleashed the crazy during an Instagram Live session.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star revealed all over her dating woes, including a man who's "too aggressive" for her.

Karen says the man makes her so nervous on the phone, she's ready to grab a pistol to protect herself!

Then she goes in on another man who didn't call her for 10 days and didn't bring flowers after her surgery.

Brace yourself for the ratcheness...

Sounds like someone's trying to catch another case!

NeNe Leakes Shows Off Her Natural Hair

Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes said to hell with the blonde helmet she usually wears and decided to flaunt her natural hair.

This might actually be the first time we've seen her real hair since....ever? She stays weaved and wigged up most of the time, but it's nice she's embracing her natural look, don't you think?

nene leakes natural hair

In case you missed the scoop, NeNe is reportedly set to return to RHOA along with Kim Zolciak.

Are you ready for the return of moose and wig?

Jun 11, 2017

Reality TV Stars Before and After Plastic Surgery

reality tv stars before after plastic surgery

Isn't it crazy to see just how much reality TV stars have changed throughout the years? Some started out their television careers looking wholesome. But by the time those paychecks started rolling in, they decide to re-do their bodies from head to toe!

We dug up some pictures of a few of the stars who've had the most dramatic transformations. You'll see what Nikki Mudarris of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood looked like before she went under the knife, as well as Malaysia Pargo from Basketball Wives L.A.

Tamar Braxton also made the list. We hate to admit it, but her pre-surgery look slayed her after surgery look! Then we have Erika Girardi a.k.a. Erika Jayne of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She went from suburban housewife to an international diva. We also couldn't forget Karen Huger of The Real Housewives of Potomac. We dug up some pictures from her earlier days with "The Black Bill Gates." You gotta see them to believe them.

And last but not least, we couldn't forget about our girl NeNe Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Check out the video to see some of her throwback pics!