Feb 8, 2016

RHOA Peter Thomas Might As Well Move to Charlotte, Opens New Club

Photo courtesy of Peter Thomas' Instagram @peterthomasrhoa

One thing about Real Housewives of Atlanta's Peter Thomas: he.Will.Not.Lose! This man hustles Cynthia Bailey's money like no other! Just six months after getting evicted from the Atlanta Bar One location, Peter is opening up a new club in Charlotte.

I don't know y'all. I know the restaurant business is difficult, but when is Peter going to realize that opening up multiple bars is a bad idea? How many locations will he close/foreclose/get evicted from before throwing in the towel? Why does Cynthia keep co-signing this foolishness? Ugh, so many questions...

Anyway, even though Cynthia keeps complaining about him being away from home, he has opened up a nightclub in Charlotte. According to his Instagram, the new spot is called Club One. Who's goin'?!

Photo courtesy of Peter Thomas' Instagram @peterthomasrhoa

I'll check the Yelp reviews in the next few weeks, because you know Peter can't run a business worth a damn. 


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