Sep 8, 2015

She’s Got Game Contestant is Dating LHHNY’s Cisco Rosado

she's got game priscilla rainey

I'm telling you, these She's Got Game contestants are dumb as rocks. I really don't think they realize that they're supposed to lay low until the show has ended. We already know who got kicked off, who won, and who's suing for sexual assault because these females are so desperate for some Instagram fame they've been telling all the juicy details online. 

Contestant Priscilla Rainey, the one who's suing The Game for grabbing up under her skirt, clearly didn't win Game's heart (lol) because she has already moved on to another reality television star. Priscilla posted this photon on her Instagram on Monday....

Yep, that's Love & Hip Hop New York's Cisco Rosado in the studio. Priscilla's caption reads:

priscillarainey Mmmmm.... NYC neva looked so good from this view. @cisco_rosado #MCM 

She had the nerve to tag him too, and of course there's no pictures of Priscilla on Cisco's IG. So I'm guessing since he couldn't convince Cyn Santana to smash, he's moving on to Priscilla's silicone buns smh. 

What do you think about this new couple? 


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