Sep 8, 2015

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

love & hip hop hollywood episode 1 recap

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood returned last night for episode 1. The show started out with Teairra MariMoneice Slaughter and Apryl Jones lounging on the beach (who knew they were all friends?) 

They're catching up with each other, talking about their love lives, past beefs etc.

Moniece is on cloud nine because she's finally done with sleeping with Lil Fizz at his mom's roach-infested house. Instead, she has a secret man she's been smashing, and he's moving to L.A. to be with her.

Teairra thought she could contour that double chin and failed! And she still refuses to switch up that hair.!

Thankfully, Teairra is over Ray J even though last season's finale showed the two of them riding off into the sunset.

Apryl invites the ladies to a pamper party, but she tells Teairra that she invited Princess, Ray J's current girlfriend, to the party. Teairra is fine with being in the same room as Princess, as long as there's no drama present. 

Hazel-E walked into this music studio like she was the absolute shyt. I guess she thinks buying a fake booty can take you from a 3 to a 7 instantly. 

So Hazel walks into the studio, and a guy named Miles is in the booth. He leaves the room so that Hazel can have a conversation with the producer, Milan.

Hazel starts asking him about his "bae", but they never really say who the mystery person is. 

Ray J and Princess are back to their usual antics. There was an incident in Miami where Ray J took Princess along on a business trip. While Princess was in their hotel room, Ray J booked a room on a different floor and invited some strippers over (lmao). When Princess found out, all hayle broke loose! No one got pushed into the pool (this time), but the cops were called, and Princess took the rap because Ray J is still on probation. Ray J later went to TMZ and told them Princess cracked his ribs and broke his ACL which was a lie.

Princess was tired of dealing with Ray's lying and cheating, so she moved out of their apartment and is staying with a friend.

Of course Ray is begging her to come home, and telling her he's finally going to change (lmao again). 

So who is Apryl and how is she all of a sudden BFF's with every female on the damn show? I mean, I know she got knocked up by Omarion, but this chick is so irrelevant to the damn show. Does she even have a job?

Anyway, she's sitting here on national t.v. talking about how her love life with Omarion sucks lol. So Nikki Mudarris tells her she will give her some pieces from her new lingerie line to spice things up in the bedroom.

Such a fake, staged scene.

Moniece is at Burbank airport to pick up her new boo.

And it's none other that Rich Dollaz, creep squad president, and Love & Hip Hop New York cast member. These two are talking about how in love they are, but isn't this like the 5th reality star Richie has ran through?

Everybody has a past, but Richie's past is telling me that he's not ready to settle down with anybody. But look at Moniece, she looks so damn happy. Po' thang has no idea.

Ray is still putting in work trying to get Princess to come back home.

She should have stayed in Floyd Mayweather's harem if she was just going to get cheated on every day! Ray is so corny, he's not even worth the tears girl, move on!

Princess tells Ray the only way she will move back home is if he gets rid of the APT - an apartment he rented to use as an "office" that he actually uses for secret smash sessions. Ray says he will get rid of it because his relationship with her is more important. Yeah, we'll see about that!

Ugh, I can't stand her.

So this fool Apryl surprises Omarion at the dance studio, wearing a trench coat and some lingerie. And, you already know what happens next...

Ok, I haven't been keeping up on the new cast members for this show, but when I saw that thing up above, I legit thought LHHH had cast a transgender. Come to find out she's a woman, her name is Amber, and she's been in an on-again off-again relationship with Miles - the guy that was in the studio Hazel went to visit. 

Um, ok den.

Amber and Miles are in the studio recording a track, and Amber thinks it's a good time to ask him where their relationship is going.

She feels that Miles is pulling away, and she's tired of waiting for him to make up his mind on whether he wants to be together or not. He tells her he just needs some time to think, and he just needs her as a friend for now. Yeah, okay!

It's the day of the pamper party and Princess and Teairra are bonding over all the f&ck shyt Ray has put them through. Teairra asks Princess if she's good with her relationship with Ray, and Princess breaks down crying.

Teairra tries to convince her she can do better, but this whole scene reminded me of Hazel and Masika from season 1. Remember when Masika tried to convince Hazel to stop messing with Yung Berg? Then she swooped in, starting dating him, and ended up with a black eye? Yeah, I'm thinking Teairra wants Princess to leave Ray alone so she can have him for herself.

Oh okay, so this is why Miles isn't messing with Amber anymore. He's getting his bussy stroked by the producer Milan.

Miles isn't out of the closet yet (he does realize this show will be on t.v. right?) and Milan is tired of hiding their relationship. If Miles can't come out to his family and friends, Milan might have to end the relationship.

Ray promised Princess he would get rid of the APT, but he had to throw one last party full of half nekkid strippers.

Princess gets a text from a friend asking her about the party. Princess is oblivious that Ray is even at the APT, because he told her he was going to be in the studio all night. So she decides to drop by.

And in true Princess fashion, all hayle breaks loose!

She starts throwing liquor on all the strippers, and Ray tries to calm her down.

Princess calls the women "crusty" and one of them shouts back, "Your feet are crusty!" LMAO, and then of course, Princess kicks off her sandals and goes apeshyt until security steps in.

Ray tells Princess that this is how he "turns up." Pretty much letting her know he's not about to change for her. Smh. So why was he begging her to come home if he wasn't planning on changing his ways? Dumb men I tell ya!

What did you think of this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?


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