Aug 5, 2015

Todd Tucker Spends His Birthday Away from Pregnant Kandi Burruss

While Kandi Burruss was at home pregnant in Atlanta, her husband Todd Tucker was getting his life in Miami Beach. Todd and his boys hit up the pool, smoked cigars and got turnt in various nightclubs for his 38th birthday.


He even partied with Nene's ex-friend, Marlo Hampton, at Liv nightclub.

Todd finally decided to take his unemployed ass back home where his doormat wife, daughter and stepdaughter were waiting with a custom NY-themed cake. 

todd tucker birthday cake

todd tucker kandi burruss

I hope Todd is 100% onboard with this pregnancy. You know he seemed hesitant on Real Housewives of Atlanta about being a father again. I guess his birthday trip with the boys is his way of telling Kandi he will not change his lifestyle for no chirren!


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