Aug 6, 2015

Tiffany Foxx Performs With Nelly on New Track

tiffany foxx performs with nelly on new track

Oh okay, so it looks like Mimi Faust may have really came through for Tiffany Foxx. The rapper posted a clip on her Instagram of a video shoot in St. Louis alongside Nelly. The Foxx is wearing typical thot-ful attire of a bra top and some high-waist shorts while rapping about guns, drug lords and some other garbage. 

I cannot stand/understand why rappers insist on having little kids in the background of these ratchet music videos. I understand they're probably family members or kids from the neighborhood, but dammit, stop exposing the babies to this nonsense! 

What do you think of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Tiffany Foxx's sneak peek at her music video featuring Nelly?


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