Aug 6, 2015

Tamra Judge in Custody Battle With Ex, Simon Barnes

After putting up with her overbearing husband, Simon Barney, for years, Tamra Judge finally pulled the plug and divorced the former car salesman. Even though they have both moved on and Tamra has since remarried, she and Simon continue to battle it out in court over their children.

Tamra gave up sole custody of her 16-year-old daughter Sidney to Simon on the condition that the three of them (she, Simon and Sidney) would go to therapy sessions together. When Tamra reached out to Simon about the session, he refused to participate.

Tamra claims Simon is now in contempt of court for not agreeing to their set plan. Tamra believes Simon wants to "alienate" their daughter from her.

Simon tells a different story, of course. He claims Sydney suffered from anxiety, severe cramps, and difficulties in school while living under Tamra's roof.

The two exes are set to appear in court on August 28.

These two are too messy for me. What do you think about Tamra and Simon's never ending battle


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