Aug 11, 2015

She’s Got Game Episode 1 Recap

The Game's latest reality show She's Got Game debuted on VH1 last night, and the only reason I watched it was to see his interactions with this chick...


Priscilla Rainey is accusing Game of sexual assault and is suing him for $10 million. Just from the first two seconds of the show, Priscilla's thirst was seeping through my flatscreen. She was doing the absolute most and trying so hard to get Game's attention.

The show starts out with 10 ladies who were chosen by some of Game's "friends" to date him. People like DJ Khaled, Keyshia Cole, Lisa Raye, Laura Govan and Ray J handpicked the ladies that were Game's type. These women were all across the board: tall, short, chubby, skinny, manufactured bodies, short hair, long hair, curly hair. At this point, I'm thinking Game's type is anything that has a pulse.

The rapper gives a performance and brings his mom on stage to tell everyone how important she is to him (yawn). The ladies are backstage eating it up like, "Awww, he loves his mom he is soooo sweet." This is the oldest trick in the book. Game loving his mom doesn't translate to him loving or even knowing how to respect a woman. We saw how his last relationship ended...

The ladies are chilling at the after party, and Game shows up on one of those hover board thangs. He sits down and starts asking all the ladies to tell him a little bit about themselves.

The girls are from all over. Some from Cali, some from Jamaica, some from Jersey etc. 

This chick was by far the most interesting looking of the bunch. She must be a fill-in contestant because ain't no way Game is feeling her.

Now, this chick right here was the most annoying and psychotic of the bunch. Allegedly she met Game in Miami and had some sort of interaction with him (a.k.a. she probably let him smash). I think she thought Game was going to recognize her, but he paid her dust the entire time lmao!

Here goes Priscilla in desperate need of an Aquafina. She wanted to ride Game's hoverboard but was scared. He said he would hold her and she asked him, "Can I trust you?" as she gazed into his eyes. Game was like, "It ain't even that serious."LOL

There goe's Priscilla with her bolted-on booty.

Game hosts a BBQ for the ladies and his friends. Although he says he doesn't want a "thot," he is more than happy to see the ladies twerk a little something for him and his boys! Ayyyee!

Lisa Raye showed up looking like somebody's drunk auntie. 

Priscilla's thirst tactics were in full effect!

One lady was supposed to go home, but Game changes the game (lol) and keeps all the ladies for an extra day. He picks three of the girls to go out with him for drinks (they have literally been drankin' all day already). He chooses Priscilla, Destinee, and curly haired chick from NY (can't remember her name).

One of Game's friends told him earlier in the day that he had kicked it with Destinee at some point back in the day. Game tells Destinee he doesn't remember her and her feelings are hurt. I'm thinking her encounter meant more to her than it did to him. I predict she's going to be the first to be sent home.

What did you think of this week's episode of "She's Got Game"? Who do you think will be sent home first?


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