Aug 18, 2015

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 17 Recap: "I Do"

love and hip hop atlanta season 4 episode 17 i do recap finale

This season went by quick! I can't believe we're finally at the final episode of season 4 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Episode 17 was called "I Do" to signify Momma Dee marrying Ernest for the second time, but we'll get to that later.

The episode starts off with Jessica Dime bringing Margeaux on stage for the performance that was booked by Mimi Faust. Mimi, Ariane and Stevie J's faces say it all. They were sitting there like "bish wut?" They let Jessica and Margeaux finish their little bootleg performance, and then Stevie and Mimi confronted them outside.  

Margeaux clearly isn't about this life. She was standing off to the side with her hands crossed (looking like Jackie Christie during Mehgan's fight). Jessica calls Stevie a rat face, they all start hollering at each other, and they eventually part ways with Jessica being cut from the management team.

Kaleena (? Still don't know this chick's name) is finally getting help for her postpartum depression. Her husband, Tony(?) agrees to manage her career again. Kaleena is happy because she feels like she works better with her man by her side. Yawn, these two are irrelevant. Let's hope they get cut next season.

Steebie stops by Mimi's house and tells her he wants her and their daughter, Eva, to move to L.A. with him. Mimi is hesitant because she knows if she moves to L.A., she's going to have to put up with Joseline's mess on a full-time basis. Stevie is being quiet but tells Mimi he's working on some things with his relationship, so I'm guessing he's saying he and Joseline are splitting up.

What I want to know is, what about all of Steebie's other kids? They don't get to go to L.A. too?

Margeaux shows up to the gym wearing spandex, high heels and a full face of makeup to tell her soon-to-be ex-husband Nikko that she's now eating the kitty like groceries. She's in a relationship with a woman named Merica. Let us pray she's not referring to Erica Mena because word on the streets is, she and Bow Wow may have broken up. But we'll get into that on another day.

Nikko probably hoping he can get in on the action.

Rasheeda has the grand opening for her store, Pressed, and everyone came through to celebrate.

Karlie Redd shows up and stops to say hello to Mimi and Ariane. Mimi tells Karlie that Stevie invited her and their daughter to move out to L.A. Karlie is shocked and can't wait to spill the tea to Joseline.

It's the day of Momma Dee's wedding, and both of her children are nowhere in sight. Jasmin finally shows up, but Scrappy is still late as hell.

Meanwhile, Joseline is getting ready to hit the stage for the LGBT party. Stevie doesn't show up, but Karlie does.

Instead, Stevie writes Joseline a note and has it delivered to the venue with some flowers.

Back at the venue, Momma Dee is getting ready, and since Scrappy isn't there, Bambi asks Young Joc to escort Momma Dee down the aisle. Um, what? Can't she walk herself down the aisle? Ain't nobody "giving her away" at the age of 65. Just stop.

Thankfully for Joc, Scrappy shows up right on time. 

Oh yeah, Joc and KD are back together. Is anyone surprised?

Scrappy came waddling in the venue in his white suit looking like an oversized marshmallow. The wedding was beautiful though, don't you agree?

I'm mad Momma Dee is about a foot and half taller than Ernest though. She should've went for some comfortable flats for this scene.

Momma Dee and the opportunist her husband.

And then this explain...

After Joseline rapped about her puddy cat and only God knows what else, Karlie meets her backstage to congratulate her. She tells Joseline she went to Rasheeda's boutique opening and Mimi mentioned about moving to L.A. to be with Steebie.

Joseline gets furious because Karlie always comes to her with some gossip, and she thinks she's being two-faced by hanging out with people she doesn't even kick it with. Joseline takes the roses Stevie had delivered and bopped Karlie over the head with them lmao. She tells her to get her raggedy behind out of the room and Karlie is screaming saying this is why Joseline has no real friends.

While security's holding Karlie back, Joseline is reading the letter Stevie sent her which pretty much says he's moving to L.A. by himself and Joseline can stay in Atlanta and be the single, independent woman she wants to be.

That was pretty much the end of the episode. The reunion is when the real drama's gonna pop off! Will you be watching?


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