Aug 11, 2015

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: Bait and Switch

love & hip hop atlanta season 4 episode 16 recap bait and switch
love & hip hop atlanta season 4 episode 16 recap bait and switch

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 4 episode 16 picked up with Kirk blindfolding Rasheeda and taking her to her brand new retail location where she can open the clothing boutique she's been dreaming of. 

Kirk supposedly took care of all the interior designing and planning (yeah right lol).

Rasheeda tells him it's going to take a lot of inventory to fill up the place for her grand opening. Kirk tells her not to worry because he's going to take care of the first shipment (using her money probably). Rasheeda seems happy with everything though.

Jasmine asks Scrappy to meet her at the barber shop. Once he gets there, she lets him know that Mama Dee and Ernest are getting married. She thinks the whole situation is rushed, and she predicts the relationship will end the same way it ended when they got married for the first time.

Then Jasmine tells Scrappy that Bambi and Erica Dixon will be bridesmaids in the wedding. Scrappy looks confused as hell (and lost) because 1) no one even told him about the wedding and 2) Bambi didn't even bother to tell him she was going to be a bridesmaid. 

Joseline Hernandez is taking her career into her own hands, so she meets up with party planners who are putting on an event for the Gayborhood. They want Joseline to perform, but they want to make sure she will be a right fit for the event.

Joseline tells them she is bisexual (but she said it in the craziest accent ever, you have to hear it to believe it because my fingers can't even attempt to spell it the way she pronounced it). She tells the planners that her family didn't support her bisexuality, and even at the age of 28 (hell naw this broad ain't that young. I refuse to believe), she's still learning how to feel comfortable with herself and her sexuality. 

As soon as the tears start flowing, the planners agree that Joseline is the right performer for the event. 

Honestly, I gloss over all of Kaleena Harper's parts. She's just boring and so damn blah to me. I can't stand when her scenes pop up because she's either a) crying or, b) talking about her nonexistent career. 

See, there she goes crying again.

Her husband Tony (? I seriously cannot remember his name, that's how irrelevant these two are to me) convinces Kaleena to see a psychiatrist about her postpartum depression. Kaleena feels overwhelmed about being a mother, and she's worried about raising black sons in light of all the violence and police shootings that have taken place. The psych confirms Kaleena's depression, so hopefully she can get the help she needs. 

Scrappy meets up with Bambi and asks her wtf is up with her not telling him about the wedding. Bambi told him she didn't think it was her responsibility to let him know his mom was getting married lol. She also doesn't want to cause any problems because every time they talk about Mama Dee and/or Erica, it turns into an argument. 

Mama Dee shows up and asks Scrappy something like "are you down with the crown?" This lady is so damn delusional it's not even funny.

Mama Dee wants Scrappy to walk her down the aisle, but he tells her he and Bambi won't be attending the wedding if Erica is a part of the wedding party. 

Tell me I didn't get the perfect shot of Jessica Dime's fake booty?! LOL. Who told her that thang looked good? Looking like two Christmas hams glued to her back. Not cute, boo!

So Jessica meets up with Margeaux and tells her about her plan to screw Mimi Faust over. Jessica is still upset that Mimi is putting more energy into Tifanny Foxx's career, so she asks Margeaux to perform with her on stage to get back at Mimi. Margeaux is down, of course, because of the whole NikkoxMimixMargeaux disease ridden love triangle. 

The men go fishing and end up talking about their problems.

Kirk shows Stevie J a photo of Joseline from Instagram. The Puerto Rican Princess is pictured in the studio with a bunch of dudes Stevie knows in the music industry. Stevie can't believe Joseline would go behind is back and work with people who he personally knows. He gets that evil look in his beady rat eyes, and you know it's about to go down as soon as he gets back home. 

He ends up comforting her back at their unfurnished mansion. Joseline tries to sweet talk Stevie into going to her Gayborhood performance because she wants his support. Judging by the scenes of the next episode, it looks like Stevie passed on the gay pride extravaganza just to spite Joseline. 

Mama Dee tells Erica how Scrappy is refusing to come to her wedding if she's included in the wedding party. Erica decides to be the bigger person by backing out of the wedding, but she still plans to attend as a guest.

It's the night of Jessica's performance, and did this heaux forget that cameras would be rolling? Da hayle she got on and why?! Doing too much!

Jessica calls Margeaux on the stage and Mimi and Stevie's jaws drop. We'll have to wait until next week to see how this one plays out, but I'm betting money that Jessica will be popping off on Mimi.

What did you think of this week's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta?


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