Aug 14, 2015

Judge Orders Lil Scrappy to Stay Away from Erica Dixon for a Year

lil scrappy erica dixon

RRG reported that Erica Dixon had filed a restraining order on her ex-fiance/baby daddy Lil Scrappy with claims that he had committed "family violence". And now, the court has spoken, and it's not looking good for Scrappy!

A judge has now sided with Erica and ordered Scrappy to stay away from her for a year! Scrappy can't come within 100 yards of Erica after she reported he had “aggressively attempted to attack" her and "had to be restrained on several occasions.”

The alleged incident took place while the former couple was filming a scene for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Scrappy allegedly became "enraged during a conversation while attempting to attack" Erica. He also reportedly threw an object at her. I'm pretty sure LHHATL had to turn over the tapes which further helped Erica's case. But I wonder what ticked him off?

As a result of the new restraining order, Erica will have temporary full custody of their daughter, Emani. Scrappy has also been ordered to attend a “family intervention program” within the next three weeks.

Erica told the judge she's afraid of how Scrappy will react next, and she doesn't even want him to know where she lives.

Damn, this whole situation is getting messy as hell. I expect Scrappy to have an Instagram meltdown in 5,4,3...


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