Aug 16, 2015

Basketball Wives L.A. Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

basketball wives la season 4 episode 6 recap

Another episode of Basketball Wives L.A. a.k.a. grown women tossing fries and spitting on each other smh. Anyway, let's get into the season 4 episode 5 recap.

So Shaunie drops by the Santa Barbara beach house (I thought she didn't do "new people"?), and she walks right into a crapstorm. Jackie Christie is wildin', Mehgan is still nursing her wound from slamming down the glass, and everyone else is trying to make sense of everything. 

Everyone's calling Jackie out for not having Mehgan's back, so she starts downing drinks a.k.a. liquid courage. Now you know what happens when Uncle Jackie gets drunk. Ish gets wild!

Jackie is trying to shift the blame on Draya, Mehgan, baby Jesus, and anybody else instead of admitting she didn't have Mehgan's back. Shyt, I've stood in the corner of many clubs when ish pops off, and I can own that. I'm not trying to walk around with a busted lip for a week and my tracks detached from my head. Nope! Why can't Jackie just admit she was in the wrong?

Jackie turns her anger towards Mehgan because she knows if she goes off on anyone else in the house, it's gonna turn into WWIII up in that piece.

Look at this crazy drunk! Something's clearly wrong with her.

Ugh, this nasty wasted broad had the nerve to spit on Mehgan. Mehgan reached for the nearest object and ended up hurling a water bottle at Jackie's back as she was running out of the room. 

Jackie comes back and squares up. Look at her chubby fists all balled up like she's bout to do something! I'm guessing Mehgan agreed not to swing on her cast mates because we already know how she got down on Bad Girls Club. But seriously, I was hoping she would give Jackie one good knock to the head.

Sir, no one cares about your damn lip!

Jackie hops on the phone and calls someone (her assistant? I can't remember). She tells the lady that Mehgan has made her so mad. She said if she puts her hands on Mehgan, she's gonna need bail money to get out of jail lol. Jackie's so nutty.

She has realized the whole house is against her, so she packs her raggedy luggage and tries to leave. Shaunie and Malaysia stop her because as much as they want her to leave, they're not about to let this chick with a .58 alcohol level get behind the wheel. Jackie's talking about she called an Uber. Girl, stop! 

Mehgan meets up with Shaunie to talk about the events that went down at the beach house.

Mehgan tells Shaunie how heated she was when Jackie spit on her. She doesn't want Jackie to think she got away with disrespecting her. Mehgan promises to get Jackie back in some way, and she might even bang Doug Christie if she gets the opportunity. Now you know that ain't about to happen. Jackie got GPS, LoJack and The Club on Doug's paynus. 

Malaysia and Brandi meet up with Angel Brinks for dinner. They're still in their feelings about Draya saying Angel was her "real friend". Malaysia asks Angel if Draya is there for her when she needs her, Angel hesitates but says Draya is there for her at times. So basically, Draya is as crappy as those "Fine Ass Girls" sweatshop tanks she be selling. 

At the end of the dinner, the ladies have finally bonded by talking about how insane Jackie is.

I had to do it all. Look at Jackie's booty! Looking like she shoved two pieces of hot water cornbread down her pants. 

I can't even remember what this whole exchange was about. All I heard was Jackie tell Draya the whole beach house blow up was her fault. See, there Jackie goes again. Deflecting and pointing fingers! Ain't she tired of being the crazy one yet?

Malaysia, Brandi and Patrice Curry (I forgot she was on the show) go to spin class in full makeup.

At the end of the class, the ladies talk about their situations. Patrice is working on forgiving her husband Eddy Curry for cheating on her, Brandi and her husband are separated, and Malaysia threw in the towel and finally divorced her no good husband Jannero. Ahh, the life of a basketball wife.

Patrice and Eddy are celebrating their son's birthday with the whole family. Patrice tells Eddy she's think about adopting Noah, the child he had outside their marriage. Patrice says the adoption process will have to wait until Eddy gets back from playing overseas.

After watching this scene, I felt an inkling of remorse for writing my in-depth post about these two.

Read my scorching hot tea about Patrice and Eddy here

Every couple goes through some mess at some point, and I'm not going to sit here and judge Patrice for staying with Eddy despite is wandering peen. At the end of the day, she's the one who has to lay up under that, not me!

Jackie's in the gym trying to work on her fupa. 

She's such an uncoordinated mess. 

Jackie comes clean and tells Doug she spit on Mehgan at the beach house. Doug just hangs his head in shame. I don't know how he is so patient with this woman. Doug is a saint, because most men would have left years ago. Jackie must got that fire, or maybe she blackmailed him to stay with her all these years. 

Jackie meets up with Brandi to discuss the charity party. But instead of working on the details of the event, Jackie still wants to run her mouth about the events that went down at the beach house.

This whole scene was kept asking Jackie if she forgot to take her meds, but it was clear Jackie had one too many "marmosas". 

Brandi stayed and entertained this geriatric bum way too long. 

Jackie tells Brandi she's "Doug Christie's wife!" and "a boss!" Brandi laughs and says "you live in an apartment!" Hey, nothing wrong with renting an apartment, but the fact that Jackie tried to come across like some rich bytch is the reason why Brandi threw that in her face. 

Jackie tried to come back from that epic wig snatch by saying she owns nine homes. Bish where?

And then, the unthinkable happened. 

Y'all, Jackie's Cubic Zirconia said "eff this" and plopped right out the ring setting. Brandi was like "Your 'diamond' fell" and Jackie sat there with a straight face like "I know!". She had to pick up the stone off the floor. Straight dreadful!

Brandi was on Twitter tonight saying during that scene, Jackie's stone fell out multiple times lmao. How you a boss with a fake 10ct. ring? That ain't about the right!

Jackie calls Brandi a "b-", and Brandi tells her she has one last time to call her that. And you know what Jackie does? She calls Brandi a b- again smh.

Brandi gets her things to leave, but she doesn't go without throwing a basket of fries in Jackie's face LOL! Look at Jackie's "marmosa" spilling all over her fupa. 

Oh, then Jackie had the nerve to call Brandi "fat" as she was leaving. Um, crazy lady say what? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Brandi is far from fat, that's why she was completely #unbothered by the comment.

The aftermath.

More whodickery will go down next look. It looks like some of the ladies are going on vacation (they clearly haven't learned). And Tami Roman joins them so you know some mess is about to go down!

What did you think of this week's episode of Basketball Wives L.A.


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