Jul 29, 2015

The Truth About Patrice and Eddy Curry

patrice eddy curry

Patrice Curry is the newcomer on Baketball Wives L.A., and she spoke briefly about her history with ex-NBA player Eddy Curry on the show, but there's a lot of information that she left out. The 36-year-old mother of four is also the legal guardian of her younger sister (Brandi, age 19), and the stepmom to three children Eddy had from previous relationships.

When Patrice made her first appearance on the show, I was curious to know more about her. She looked old, tired and worn...like she had been through complete hell. Come to find out, her story did not disappoint. There's lots of love, pain, death, tragedy, a sh*t load of kids, deceit and betrayal. Sounds juicy, right?

The Beginning

Before getting married, Patrice and Eddy had their first child together. In 2009, Eddy’s ex-girlfriend, Nova Henry, and their nine-month-old daughter Ava were murdered by the attorney that was representing Nova in her paternity battle against Eddy. The two children, Ava and 3-year-old Noah, were conceived while Eddy was with Patrice (even though he denied it of course). It was later determined through the court that Eddy was the father. When Nova and Ava were murdered, Eddy got full custody of Noah. A year after the murder, Patrice forgave Eddy and got pregnant with their second child. I found this old blog that Patrice frequently updated back in the day. She talks about her sadness from being an unwed mother even though she and Eddy planned both pregnancies.  

"I'm on my 2nd child out of weldock and inside I'm not so happy about it...I mean she nor her brother were accidents since their father and I planned my pregnancies..." - Patrice Curry

Patrice would eventually get her wish and she married Eddy and his community d-. But Patrice found it difficult to accept Noah into the family according to her old blog.
"I'm married and raising my husband's 4-year-old son which is so stressful," - Patrice Curry
Did she think it was supposed to be a walk in the park or something?! But hey, she stayed and she forgave him, but she had no idea what kind of madness she would have to go through next. 

Mo Money Mo Problems

Eddy continued his NBA career and the family lived lavishly in a 9.000-square-foot Illinois mansion. The 7-bedroom 9 full bath and 4 half bathroom home, as well as the millionaire lifestyle, was enough for Patrice to ignore Eddy's constant cheating and disrespect.

The Curry's mansion at 6655 Lee Court in Burr Ridge, Illinois
Scandalous Allegations

Eddy was not only cheating on Patrice with women, he was also allegedly involved in some scandalous activity with men. In 2009, he was sued for sexually harassing his male chauffeur, David Kuchinsky. In the court docs, Eddy was accused of asking David to touch his privates, he forced him to clean up towels he had ejaculated in, and he was accused of soliciting sex from him.  

Another One Joins the Bunch

That same year, while trying to come to grips with the lawsuit against the chauffeur, Eddy's ex-wife, Korie Kellogg, was arrested for whopping their son, Eddy III. Following Korie's arrest, Eddy fought to get custody of Eddy III, he won the court battle, and Eddy III joined the family in their Illinois mansion.

Now Patrice is stuck in a house with a cheating husband, and a grip of kids (two which are not even her own). So she settled into life as a mom and step-mom and eventually gave birth to two more kids. Despite all the drama with Eddy, at least she had a beautiful roof over her head, right? WRONG!

Farewell Mansion!

Eddy's NBA career came to an end, and Eddy's brief stint in a Chinese basketball league didn't last long. The money began to evaporate and the family's Illinois mansion went into foreclosure in 2012. Judging by BBWLA, I'm guessing the entire family now lives in Los Angeles even though Patrice and Eddy own a Chicago-based clothing company together called Zoo High.

Speaking of Zoo High... on BBWLA, Draya tried to make it seem like she had never met Eddy before in her life, but his Instagram shows both Draya and Malaysia rocking Zoo High clothing almost three years ago. Fake a** show! 
Anywaytho, I have no clue if ZooHigh is even profitable for the Curry's, but it's clear that Patrice needs these reality t.v. checks to take care of the whole family. I give her props though, she must really love Eddy because when the money disappeared, she stood by her man.

So there you have it y'all. I know this was long as hell, but you know I had to update my readers with the real 4-1-1 on the Currys!

What do you think about Patrice and Eddy Curry's messy past? 


  1. First the 2 kids that her had with Nova was before she was married to him. he had married another woman before her. Nova was his high school girlfriend they had Noah before his first marriage and she was pregnant with their daughter when he married his present wife so there was any infidelity sounds more like her cheated on Nova