Bobbi Kristina Brown, Dead at the Age of 22

Bobbi Kristian Brown Dead
Bobbi Kristina Brown has died at the age of 22.
March 4, 1993 - July 26, 2015

I was looking back at some of the posts I wrote about The Houstons reality show that Bobbi Kristina filmed back in 2012. So many ups and downs and twists and turns, so much sadness from a little girl who had lost her mother. Too much pain that was being blasted in the form of a cheesy reality television show. It was sad to see her exploited at a time when she clearly needed more help than her family could ever give her.

In the end, a 22-year-old has lost her life under suspicious circumstances. Her death is now being investigated as a homicide (is anyone really surprised?). In most cases, death brings closure, but for the Houston and Brown family, things are only going to get even worse. The D.A. is investigating BK's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, and the family's estate has filed an $11 million lawsuit against him for extortion and inflicting bodily harm to BK during her last days.

For now, we can only hope that BK has found peace and is back in the loving arms of her mom. R.I.P. Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Were you a fan of The Houstons' reality show? Did you keep up with my updates? Some of my recaps were very blunt, but if you have some time, you can catch up on all my posts here.

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