Mar 22, 2015

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 18 Recap: Housewife Interrupted

real housewives of atlanta episode 18 recap housewife interrupted

Anyone else agree that the rest of the cast members would get along better if Lenethia Leakes were taken off of the show? Seriously, she has issues with EVERYONE (except for Porsha Williams and her new bff Phaedra Parks). Everything goes back to her and her filthy mcnasty attitude. That's why she walked out of the counseling session. She can't take the truth, she thinks she's flawless, but in reality her b.s. is stankin' up the whole show! 


Did you notice how the ladies were able to communicate like normal human beings once Nene's wide behind the room? And how about Claudia and Porsha joining forces to get all the ladies to go on a girl's trip? None of that would have gone down if Nene had stayed. I think Nene's calls for "peace" are as fake as that blonde kanekalon hair on top of her head.

Phaedra is finally coming clean about her relationship with Apollo Nida (took her long enough). Do I feel sympathy for her? NOPE! She knew that nothing good was going to come from marrying that man. She was just too damn desperate to have a huzbannddd and to legitimize the baby she was already baking in her oven. 

She's finally ready to pull the plug on her marriage no more than 12 hours after Apollo turned himself in. Her reasoning? Because Apollo supposedly told her that he wanted to end the marriage. I remember him throwing around the option of divorce, and he met up with a lawyer of his own, but if he really wanted to divorce her he would have done it already. She's obviously using it as an excuse but whateva!

She legit wasted no damn time to dress up in her old lady freshwater pearls and run down to her divorce attorney's office. Thankfully, the attorney seems to have more sense than Phaedra and advised her to take the process slowly until they figure out the custody situation. You know if Phaedra could sign the divorce papers right then and there should have. That woman is so done with the man she supposedly loved. Yes, he was acting a damn monkey fool before he left but he was probably freaking out because his wife (the one that used to smash him on the air mattress and tongue kiss him in front of their castmates) was acting so cold and distant. Wouldn't you be spazzing out too?

In next week's episode, the ladies go to Manila for more bonding. Maybe I missed it but did anyone see Nene in the previews for the next show? I'm thinking she's probably going to sit this one out since she's no longer in control of the situation. Oh well, she will NOT be missed!!!

What did you think of this week's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode? Do you think Phaedra is doing the right thing by speaking to a divorce attorney know that Apollo is in prison? What do you think about Porsha and Claudia planning the girls' trip?


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