Feb 8, 2015

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 13 Recap: The Countdown Begins

real housewives of atlanta episode 13 recap the countdown begins

It feels like this show has been m.i.a. for weeks! I was going through Real Housewives of Atlanta withdrawals so I'm glad the show is back, how about you? Welp, let's get into the episode 13 recap which is called "The Countdown Begins" which is shade towards Apollo and him acting a monkey fool in the days leading up to being shipped off to federal prison. 

kenya moore roger bobb

Kenya Moore meets up with Roger Bobb to discuss some of the show ideas she had in mind. Now, if you didn't think Kenya was nuts after seeing this scene then you might be a passenger on the crazy train too. She actually spent the time to create a show centered around herself, Nene, Phaedra and Porsha. 

Now, if Kenya was really trying to move on and be taken seriously, why do these ladies consume her entire life? 

Anyway, Roger looked like he didn't know what he had just signed up for. He tells Kenya he will co-produce but he has a bunch of other sitcoms he's working on so he won't have a lot of time to give her show the time and attention she is craving. Kenya gets butt hurt, but she'll get over it. 

Phaedra meets up with Quad and Dr. George of Married to Medicine. She's asking Dr. George what she should tell her sons about their father being in prison. Sooo, how many times is Phaedra gonna ask people for advice on this subject? She already knows what she wants to do and how she's gonna handle it, but apparently Bravo is making her drag this situation on for a story line. 

apollo nida backpack

Meanwhile, Apollo and that remedial backpack show up to his attorney's office. 

His attorney is trying to get him an emergency order that will require Phaedra to bring the kids by the prison in Kentucky to visit him. As we already know, this emergency order never took place and Apollo continues to fail at life. 

porsha stewart williams breast boob implants job

Porsha and her new fun bags meet up with Nene Leakes for lunch. 

Porsha is still all in her feelings about being called out for slangin' her puss for some bags and a car. Porsha tells Nene about the party that Dish Nation is throwing her and Nene of course can't make it because she's too busy being fabuloussss Neneeee.

Todd Tucker gives his wife, Kandi Burruss, some unfortunate news. Their play "A Mother's Love" is being cancelled after just two weeks. The culprit: a shady promoter (allegedly). Kandi is crying because she knows that everyone will blame her. Um, duh, dummy! Like Todd said, Kandi did not do her due diligence. She probably hired the first person that gave her the lowest price (you know she's cheap) and it ended up biting her you know where. 

Kenya meets up with Brandon to talk about Roger Bobb's lack of commitment towards her new project. Brandon convinces Kenya that they don't need Roger's help and they can do it on their.  This finna be a disaster!

Derek J stops by Claudia Jordan's house to give her a tacky black wig to wear to Porsha's Dish Nation party. Since Claudia also works for the company, she thought it would be a good idea to be cordial and show up to the party. 

I was wondering when Cynthia's daughter was going to make an appearance. How pretty is she?! #goodgenesonfleek

It's time for the Dish Nation party, and this idiot Porsha tried to blow out the spark candle on her cake *face palm*

Claudia kinda sorta tries to squash her beef with Porsha, but Porsha's not feeling it. She thinks that Claudia crossed the line and disrespected her and she doesn't need nor want her in her life. The conversation ends with Porsha telling Claudia not to talk behind her back, but Claudia was saying everything she wanted to say right in Porsha's face lol.

And the "You're Making Too Much Sense" award goes to Phaedra's mama. After Phaedra tells her that Apollo was threatening to burn down the house, mama tells Phaedra to pack up the babies and get out of dodge. Seriously, a hotel room for 3 nights is worth the cost to protect your children from a psychopath who has nothing to lose. We didn't see Phaedra actually leaving the house though, and the sneak peek of next week's episode shows Apollo ripping and running through the house and accusing Phaedra of cheating *sigh*.

What did you think of this week's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta? Do you think Claudia should have stayed her home instead of showing up to Porsha's party? Do you think mama was right by telling Phaedra to leave the house until Apollo is safely behind bars? Leave a comment below!


  1. I agree with Mama 100%, get you and your babies out until this fool is locked up, he's already made threats....get the hell out....what are you waiting for?! Why was Phadra acting like she didn't realize this until her Mama told her! Chile, I would have been long gone! Can't wait for next week's episode!!

    1. I think Phaedra was giving Apollo the benefit of the doubt but when it comes to crazy people you CANNOT take chances! I'm glad she followed her mom's advice and left the home for a few days.

  2. Phaedra knows Apollo wants her to keep her word for him taking the rap for their crimes, this southern bell crap aint working, hes a crook and so is she but somebody had to take the fall, and somebody had to stay behind and take care of the kids, point blank period.