You Won't Believe What Kimbella Wore to Yandy's Baby Shower

kimbella plastic surgery

You guys, I cannot stop laughing at the uber-thirst that was displayed at Yandy's baby shower. Kimbella had the nerve to walk in there looking like she was about to put on a 45-minute set of Beyonce's greatest hits. Wait a minute, that's an insult to Beyonce, but you get my point! The exposed thigh, the exposed jugs, the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PLASTIC SURGERY KIMBELLA WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR FACE???! I made a promise not to use curse words on my blog anymore but I swear I yelled out "WHAT THE F&CK?!" when I saw that she had chopped and screwed with her face once again. 

Remember when I suspected that Kimbella and Juelz had broken up again because she wasn't posting on social media as much? (read more here) Well, now I'm thinking that she was just hanging low while these new build-a-body procedures were healing.  

I don't care if Kimbella was my friend of fifteen years, if any scuzzy walks into my baby shower dressed like THAT oh no honey, you will turn your silicon buns around and politely exit my event. A real woman knows when, where, and how to dress appropriately. Kimbella missed that memo.

kimbella at yandy smith baby shower

kimbella's dress at yandy smith's baby shower

The fact that Juelz allowed her to walk out the house like this is very telling. Yes, I said ALLOWED. No man that gives a damn about his wife/girlfriend/babymama would be okay with this look. Ladies, do you agree with me or disagree?

What do you think about Kimbella's baby shower attire? Do you think this outfit was appropriate or inappropriate? Also, anyone want to take a stab at what additional procedures she had done to her face? Kimbella's doing that slow morph into a white woman. Smh.

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