Jan 24, 2015

Porsha’s Lies: Was She Dating African Millionaires or NFL Player LeSean McCoy?

who is Porsha Williams boyfriend

I just can't figure this one out so maybe y'all can help me. Either Porsha is a liar, a cheater, or I'm slow because I can't figure out who she was supposed to be allegedly dating during the filming of this season's Real Housewives of Atlanta.

So, Porsha shows up to this season with some new jugs, a Rolls Royce, a McMansion in Atlanta, and thousand dollar purses. Back in May 2014, Porsha was allegedly dating an African dictator that had been accused of letting little kids starve to death (smh). 

Then in September 2014, sources (a.k.a. Claudia Jordan) confirmed that Porsha pogo'd her lady bits on over to Nigerian oil billionaire Bashorun Jide Omokore. He's the one that allegedly bought her the $500K Rolls Royce. Only problem was that Bashorun was married to Angella Ebagua. 

Bashorun Porsha's african millionaire boyfriend
Here's Bashorun. Porsha actually laid up under this *shudders*. 

In October, Porsha was still involved with Bashorun, but she was posting Philadelphia Eagles' player LeSean McCoy as her "man crush Monday" a.k.a. she was giving him the drawls too. 

porsha williams dating lesean mccoy

Oh, and let me just drop you with this jewel from a Twitter fight LeSean got into with his baby mama.

lesean mccoy herpes

Here's to hoping Porsha wrapped it up!

Although LeSean never really claimed Porsha, rumor has it that they were dating for months.

In December, the oil tycoon African allegedly dumped Porsha for flossing too much and showing off all the gifts he had bought her. Although the Rolls Royce was in her name, she plans to sell it because all 3 of her boos had dropped her.

Porsha went on Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen the reason why she wasn't a main cast member on this season of the show is because she was dating a young man and he wasn't able to be on the show until the end of the football season. Without LeSean, Porsha didn't really have a story line so she was demoted to a "friend" of the cast. 

So let's see, Porsha went through 2 Africans and 1 NFL'er at the same damn time? Or did she hire LeSean to be her decoy boyfriend (a.k.a. like Kenya and Walter) and he backed out at the last minute? 

Another theory is that Porsha made up the African millionaire story just to make Kenya and the other ladies jealous and she was dating LeSean the entire time. Either way, I don't know what Porsha's trying to accomplish with her life but she's too old to be involved in this bird-like activities. 

What do you think of Porsha allegedly dating 2 African millionaires and LeSean McCoy at the same time?


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