Jan 12, 2015

Love & Hip Hop new York Season 5 Episode 4 Recap - A Woman Scorned

Diamond Strawberry

It's time for another episode of Love & Hip Hop New York. Episode 4 was entitled, "A Woman Scorned" and there sure was a lot of scorning going on in this week's show (is "scorning" a word?). They picked THE worst men to be a part of this series. They're all liars and sex-addicts with babies being made all over the damn place. Just a hot New York mess I tell ya. 

Welp, let's get on with the recap.

Cisco Rosado tells Diamond about his 6 month year old kid

The episode picks back up at Diamond Strawberry's party that was thrown by Cisco Rosado. Cisco comes clean about his "6-month-year-old" kid and Diamond naturally flips out.

She feels betrayed by Cisco since the baby was conceived when they were supposed to be together. To make matters even worse, the mother of the child is Cisoc's baby mama. Yup, it was so good that he went back for seconds. Why doesn't he just try to work things out with his children's mother since he can't stop dipping in her anyway?

Diamond Strawberry

Watching Diamond go off was so entertaining to me. That high pitched voice and those bolted on bewbs had me screamin. 

I almost forgot that this chick Chrissy was even on the show. 

Chrissy Love & Hip Hop New York

Chrissy meets up with Rich Dollaz to discuss her relationship with Chinks. Chrissy is pissed because Chinks stays in the studio for three days at a time and won't call her and never comes home. She suspects that he's cheating because of the photos she sees posted on social media of all the girls that are in the studio while Chinks is working. Rich tells Chrissy she has nothing to worry about and Chinks is a stand-up guy.


This dumb broad Chrissy must have been born last night. Does she really think that Rich is gonna tell on his friend like, "Yeah, dummy, he's cheating on you. Who wouldn't?" Of course, he's gonna cover for his boy. That's what men do!

I know that this was just a setup for the show, but she had no business discussing her relationship issues with another man. She's coming off as really high school and juvenile. Is this the first time a man has paid attention to her or something?

Yandy Smith stops by the basketball court where her fiance, Mendeecees Harris, is hooping.

There she goes with that horrible tacky outfit. Come on, Yandy! The white fringe boots though? Hell naw! 

*Shocker* Yandy is pregnant and she stuck the positive pregnancy stick in what looked to be an eye glass case. Mendeecees is worried about going back to jail and not being able to spend time with their new child. Yandy thinks he should stay positive and hope for the best.

I always knew Yandy was a bird. If her man gets locked up for 20 years, I guess she's already prepared to be a single mother of three. 

Diamond and Lisa Strawberry

Ms. Lisa needs to just move to New York so she can continuously tell her daughter how dumb she is.

Diamond's mom is in town again to check up on her and Diamond lets her know about Cisco's "6-month-year-old" child. Diamond tells her mom she doesn't want to have anything to do with Cisco but Ms. Lisa wants to have a word with him so Diamond arranges for the two to meet.

Now, this is where Diamond got the game twisted. You don't ever get your mother involved in this type of whodikkery! Take the "L" and move on with your life. Nothing good will come from Ms. Lisa having a meet up with Cisco. NOTHING.

Randa love & hip hop new york

Now that Cyn Santana and Erica Mena are broken up again, Cyn is doing some investigating into their clothing line, "Her". Erica made Cyn a silent partner and promised her 50% of the profits, but Cyn has yet to see a dime. She meets up with Randa, Erica's business advisor, to see what kind of the money the company is really making. 

Randa tells Cyn that "Her" has been profiting between $10-$30K a month. This chick lying! Ain't nobody heard of/ain't nobody buying no damn "Her" t-shirts! Cut the b.s. VH1.

Erica is also accusing Randa of stealing $30,000 from "Her". Randa says Erica is a liar and a manipulator (duh).

Cyn confronts Erica and you know what happens next. A whole bunch of hollering and screaming in the middle of a New York street. These two have the worst communication.

peter gunz and tara in barbados

Peter Gunz tells Amina that he needs to go to Barbados to shoot a campaign for some company. In reality, he needed to take Tara and their two sons on a family trip. Peter wants to make sure that he's making the right choice by staying with Amina so he's going to use this trip as an opportunity to see if he can get back with Tara. 

Man, I felt so sad for Amina. Poor unfortunate, delusional soul. It's one week from her due date and her husband is in a tropical location with his ex. Smh.

He even calls her and fabricates an entire story about how he's going to go to dinner to talk about the campaign or something, and then he's gonna shoot the ad the next day or something along those lines. It was just pathetic and sad. This should be the happiest time in Amina's life and yet, she has to deal with this piece of crap of a man. And I use the term "man" loosely.

Cisco shows up at Ms. Lisa's hotel. You know he crapped his pants right at this moment. Mama Lisa don't play!

She wants to hear Cisco's side of the story before she officially goes in on him.

Cisco pounces into his rehearsed sob story about his mom leaving him to fend for himself and thats why he doesn't know how to be in a relationship. He asks Ms. Lisa what he can do to make things better with Diamond. Ms. Lisa tells him that the best thing for him to do is to leave her daughter alone.

You already know that Diamond's going to forgive Cisco. She has nothing going for her in New York and I'm sure she doesn't want to look like a failure. Plus, if she leaves NY, that means she will have to go back to California and spend time with her dog daughter. And you know she ain't trying to do all that.

Chinks was supposed to be out of town, but Chrissy gets word that he was in the local studio so she stops by to bust him.

Chinks is in the studio with some chick, J. Dinero, that looks like a box of Sharpies exploded on her head. Seriously, I counted about 6 different colors in her hair (sorry, I don't have a picture). 

Chrissy heard a rumor that Chinks was out in the club the night before with some girl. Chinks confirmed that he was there with J. Dinero and he was just showing her around the club LOL. Is that the best he could come up with!

So Chinks stayed at the club all night and still didn't bother going home that night. Is this typical for these rappers/producers? Chinks and Peter Gunz can never muster up the energy to go home at night. I wonder why? *sarcasm*

Anyway, Chrissy pretty much threatens to kick Chinks out of her home since he's never there anyway. It sounds like Chrissy is supporting him by giving him a place to live and he's disrespecting her by not bothering to come home to her. Whatever it is she wants from Chinks she's not going to get it. She's clearly wasting her time.

Y'all, Amina went shopping for the baby by herself ;-(

Meanwhile, her husband was on daddy duty in Barbados.

Peter prepares a nice dinner for Tara and asks her if she will go to counseling with him to help him with his addiction to him. You see, Peter can't keep his paynus to himself so he wants to blame it on some psychological issue. But like Tara said, not only did he cheat, he married the chick too! It was just a series of bad choices and now he's stuck with somebody that he doesn't even want to be with. I think Tara would have forgiven him if he only boinked Amina, but the fact that he got her pregnant and married her is just too much for her to accept. 

I think eventually these two toxic people will get back together and continue to ruin each other's lives. Do you agree?

What did you think about this week's episode of Love Hip Hop New York? Leave a comment below!


  1. I have found a page that agrees with me on everything! I think tonight's episode was crazy and a big hot mess!
    First: I don't feel bad for Peter's current wife. If a man can leave the mother of his two sons, cheat on her, constantly lie, and have all these kids he isn't really taking care of then he is not worth getting married to or having a first child with. However, Peter is also in the wrong too and it sucks. I wish she had been more wise about her actions but hopefully, she will guide her daughter in the right direction: "Stay away from men like your father!" My heart does go out to her for the next week's episode when she basically finds out he only chose her because Tara denied his proposal of getting back together. He practically admitted on national tv that he feels trapped to her and her baby!

    Second: I am sooo over Erica & Cyn's drama it makes me YAWN.

    Third: I think Yandy is pretty cool on the show until last night's episode when she opened her mouth at the ball park. She failed to realize that her man is not ready to live with the fact that he might go to jail and miss seeing this pregnancy and possibly the birth of this baby. I mean hopefully things work out, but still. She acted as if he said he did not want the baby!

    1. I get what you're saying about Amina but I still can't help but feel bad for her. And I admit, I boycotted the show last season so I really don't know the full dynamics of this love triangle. Erica and Cyn and all that hollering need to quit! Thanks for commenting!