Jan 19, 2015

Love & Hip Hop New York Episode 5 Recap: "Oh Baby"

Amina and Peter Gunz baby girl

Hey y'all! I'm gonna have to cur the episode 5 recap for Love & Hip Hop New York a little short so let's get down to the good stuff!

Chrissy love & hip hop new york wigs

A few highlights:

Peter Gunz makes it just in time for the birth of his daughter. He's still lying to Amina and telling her that he was in Barbados for business. He also tells her (while she's in labor) that he's ready to move back home and focus on their relationship since Tara is moving on from him. Amina is upset and crying because she knows the only reason why Peter wants to be with her is because Tara is sick of his mess. 

Yandy Smith is on her bird life as usual. She tells Mendeecees Harris that if he goes to jail again, she's prepared and she knows she can make it on her own. Wait a minute, that's cool and all but what about the 2 kids and the one on the way that will have to live without their father? Why do you continue to bring children into this world knowing there's a possibility that their dad will be locked up for a minute? Why not wait until his legal troubles are over? Ugh, so many questions, not enough answers.

Chrissy is talking about she has uterine fibroids or something along those lines, so she stops taking her birth control for three weeks. She tells Chinks the good news (lol) and he flips out on her. He feels that she betrayed his trust and he tells her that he ain't trying to get married nor have a baby. Oh, and by the way, Chinks is already married...to someone else! And he has no intentions on getting divorced smh.

Cyn Santana wants to be a singer now (wtf?) and she asks Rich Dollaz if he will help her with her first song which will be a dedication to her brother who committed suicide. Rich says he will help her out as long as she poses as the model for his new liquor. 

Rich tells Erica Mena about his new business partner, Cyn Santana, and all hell breaks loose. Can someone direct me to an episode where Erica was NOT yelling and cursing? I'd bet money that this chick has high blood pressure on the regular. 

Cisco Rosado flies out to Atlanta to meet with his baby mama and let her know that he had been sort of kind of cheating on her. See, they weren't really together, but they would smash whenever Cisco would visit Atlanta once a month. And then there's that incident where the baby mama got pregnant by slimy Cisco while he was dating Diamond Strawberry.

When baby moms (her name escapes me right now, I'm sorry) finds out that Cisco is seeing someone else, she wanted to bust him right in his big juicy lips. Damn, I'm scared of baby moms myself, she looks like the type of chick to hide a razor blade underneath her tongue and slice a bitch that looks at her funny. 

Baby mama tells Cisco that she's gonna start dating too and then big bad Cisco gets sooo pissed. He tells her she better not have another man around his kids and blah blah this and blah blah that. Men like Cisco are what's wrong with the world. He has no respect for himself nor anyone else. He's just a parasite that leeches on women and damages their self-esteem (for 17 long years omg, what was she thinking?!). I hope his baby mama finds a man that will treat her a million times better than that cheater with the community peen.

So, what did you think of this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop New York? Leave a comment below!


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