Jan 25, 2015

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 12 Recap: Sour Grapes, Sour Peaches

kordell stewart and claudia jordan

It's time for The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode 12 recap. What did you guys think of the show? Don't Kordell Stewart and Claudia Jordan make a cute couple? I can dig it. You know Porsha was somewhere flipping her 32 inch weave and claiming to be unbothered by tonight's episode!

Anywhore, let's get down to it...

The ladies are back from their vacation and Cynthia Bailey is giving her husband, Peter Thomas, and her sister, Malorie, the run down. Cynthia is pressed over the fact that Nene is bff's with Phaedra and Porsha now. Malorie asks her where the "friend contract" with Nene is hiding. 

cynthia bailey nene leakes friend contract

Malorie goes searching through Cynthia's office and finds the friend contract filed away. Cynthia takes it and sets it on fire to signify the end of her relationship with Nene. Whew, I'm glad that's over. Cynthia doesn't need someone like foul mouthed moose Nene in her life.

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have been trying to conceive for over a year. Wait, let me correct that - KANDI has been trying to conceive for over a year. Todd doesn't seem to concerned with procreating with his wife at all. 

Dr. Jackie needs a sperm sample from Todd and she asks him if he can fill up the big mandingo sample cup. Wow, how professional of her.

Peter Thomas is at it again. This man has managed to get Kordell Stewart to become business partners with him at his new business in Charlotte, North Carolina called Sports One Bar & Lounge. The place is still in business (surprisingly) and they have decent reviews on yelp so I guess Peter is doing something right (this time).

Cynthia asks Claudia and Kenya Moore if they will take the 3 hour road trip with her to Sports One's grand opening. The ladies say yes. Not sure why Cynthia couldn't just ride with her husband but whateva.

Phaedra receives notice that Apollo Nida has been given the date to turn himself into the federal prison. Phaedra remains unbothered by the entire situation. 

This scene of Apollo spending time with Dylan and Ayden would have been so heartwarming if Apollo wasn't a skeezy fraudster. His kids are the ones that will suffer because of his selfishness. 

Ayden is so cute and so smart. One thing you can't deny, Phaedra is a good mother. Her kids are so well-behaved unlike other kids on reality t.v. (*cough* *cough* Milania Giudice *cough*). 

This scene was  like the road trip from hell. I'm already a nervous passenger, but riding with Kenya would have me looking for the nearest exit. She's so damn extra and over the top. It's like she took too many meds or not enough meds, I can't figure it out yet. Claudia looked annoyed as hell too. She probably wanted to put a muzzle on that crazy lady.

Kandi wants the girls to help her remove all the junk food from the house so she can get her womb ready for a baby. Riley tells Kandi that she's too old to have kids at 38. Um, okayyy.

I damn near fell out my chair when Riley said she was only 11-years-old. What in the hulkomania hell are they feeding the babies in Atlanta? I legit thought Riley was at least 13 or 14. But 11???? 11??!!! Nope, I refuse.

Kandi wants Kaela and Riley to hang out more but Riley doesn't think they have much in common since she's 11 and Kaela is 18. It kinda makes sense though. Kandi needs to stop trying to force these two to be buddy-buddy. Either it will happen or it won't. 

You see what I mean? This nut was twirling through the sunroof of the car. Smh, doing too much Kenya. Doing.too.much.

Somebody please confirm that Riley is 11. I'm so serious right now. How is she almost taller than Todd, a grown man? This ain't right.

The family goes go kart racing and while standing outside of the venue, a white corvette pulls up and it's Todd's birthday present. He didn't seem too excited, it was kinda like he wasn't feeling the car. Maybe the color was too flashy for him?

Either way, it's hard to appreciate things when you don't work for them and earn them yourself. And by "work" I don't mean banging Kandi every night. 

Todd really didn't give a crap about the car which is evident when he wrecked it no more than two days  later (read more here). 

Sports One looks like a big ol' mobile home. Peter picks the worst locations I tell ya.

The ladies are late to the event but when they arrive, Claudia recognizes Kordell from when she moved to LA in the 90s. Do y'all think Kordell already sampled Claudia? They seemed to have a lot of chemistry.

They would make a cute couple but I hate how Peter and Kenya were trying to force them to date. Like come on, this ain't high school. 

I think Peter wanted Claudia for himself because he called her "so cute" about 50-11 times. Cynthia was like "ok, she ain't that cute" LOL.

Well unfortunately, it looks like the Claudia and Kordell romance will never happen. The two are just friends.

Whatever, Claudia! Stay single with your busted cl*t !

What did you think of this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Leave a comment below!

Jan 24, 2015

Porsha’s Lies: Was She Dating African Millionaires or NFL Player LeSean McCoy?

who is Porsha Williams boyfriend

I just can't figure this one out so maybe y'all can help me. Either Porsha is a liar, a cheater, or I'm slow because I can't figure out who she was supposed to be allegedly dating during the filming of this season's Real Housewives of Atlanta.

So, Porsha shows up to this season with some new jugs, a Rolls Royce, a McMansion in Atlanta, and thousand dollar purses. Back in May 2014, Porsha was allegedly dating an African dictator that had been accused of letting little kids starve to death (smh). 

Then in September 2014, sources (a.k.a. Claudia Jordan) confirmed that Porsha pogo'd her lady bits on over to Nigerian oil billionaire Bashorun Jide Omokore. He's the one that allegedly bought her the $500K Rolls Royce. Only problem was that Bashorun was married to Angella Ebagua. 

Bashorun Porsha's african millionaire boyfriend
Here's Bashorun. Porsha actually laid up under this *shudders*. 

In October, Porsha was still involved with Bashorun, but she was posting Philadelphia Eagles' player LeSean McCoy as her "man crush Monday" a.k.a. she was giving him the drawls too. 

porsha williams dating lesean mccoy

Oh, and let me just drop you with this jewel from a Twitter fight LeSean got into with his baby mama.

lesean mccoy herpes

Here's to hoping Porsha wrapped it up!

Although LeSean never really claimed Porsha, rumor has it that they were dating for months.

In December, the oil tycoon African allegedly dumped Porsha for flossing too much and showing off all the gifts he had bought her. Although the Rolls Royce was in her name, she plans to sell it because all 3 of her boos had dropped her.

Porsha went on Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen the reason why she wasn't a main cast member on this season of the show is because she was dating a young man and he wasn't able to be on the show until the end of the football season. Without LeSean, Porsha didn't really have a story line so she was demoted to a "friend" of the cast. 

So let's see, Porsha went through 2 Africans and 1 NFL'er at the same damn time? Or did she hire LeSean to be her decoy boyfriend (a.k.a. like Kenya and Walter) and he backed out at the last minute? 

Another theory is that Porsha made up the African millionaire story just to make Kenya and the other ladies jealous and she was dating LeSean the entire time. Either way, I don't know what Porsha's trying to accomplish with her life but she's too old to be involved in this bird-like activities. 

What do you think of Porsha allegedly dating 2 African millionaires and LeSean McCoy at the same time?

Jan 19, 2015

Love & Hip Hop New York Episode 5 Recap: "Oh Baby"

Amina and Peter Gunz baby girl

Hey y'all! I'm gonna have to cur the episode 5 recap for Love & Hip Hop New York a little short so let's get down to the good stuff!

Chrissy love & hip hop new york wigs

A few highlights:

Peter Gunz makes it just in time for the birth of his daughter. He's still lying to Amina and telling her that he was in Barbados for business. He also tells her (while she's in labor) that he's ready to move back home and focus on their relationship since Tara is moving on from him. Amina is upset and crying because she knows the only reason why Peter wants to be with her is because Tara is sick of his mess. 

Yandy Smith is on her bird life as usual. She tells Mendeecees Harris that if he goes to jail again, she's prepared and she knows she can make it on her own. Wait a minute, that's cool and all but what about the 2 kids and the one on the way that will have to live without their father? Why do you continue to bring children into this world knowing there's a possibility that their dad will be locked up for a minute? Why not wait until his legal troubles are over? Ugh, so many questions, not enough answers.

Chrissy is talking about she has uterine fibroids or something along those lines, so she stops taking her birth control for three weeks. She tells Chinks the good news (lol) and he flips out on her. He feels that she betrayed his trust and he tells her that he ain't trying to get married nor have a baby. Oh, and by the way, Chinks is already married...to someone else! And he has no intentions on getting divorced smh.

Cyn Santana wants to be a singer now (wtf?) and she asks Rich Dollaz if he will help her with her first song which will be a dedication to her brother who committed suicide. Rich says he will help her out as long as she poses as the model for his new liquor. 

Rich tells Erica Mena about his new business partner, Cyn Santana, and all hell breaks loose. Can someone direct me to an episode where Erica was NOT yelling and cursing? I'd bet money that this chick has high blood pressure on the regular. 

Cisco Rosado flies out to Atlanta to meet with his baby mama and let her know that he had been sort of kind of cheating on her. See, they weren't really together, but they would smash whenever Cisco would visit Atlanta once a month. And then there's that incident where the baby mama got pregnant by slimy Cisco while he was dating Diamond Strawberry.

When baby moms (her name escapes me right now, I'm sorry) finds out that Cisco is seeing someone else, she wanted to bust him right in his big juicy lips. Damn, I'm scared of baby moms myself, she looks like the type of chick to hide a razor blade underneath her tongue and slice a bitch that looks at her funny. 

Baby mama tells Cisco that she's gonna start dating too and then big bad Cisco gets sooo pissed. He tells her she better not have another man around his kids and blah blah this and blah blah that. Men like Cisco are what's wrong with the world. He has no respect for himself nor anyone else. He's just a parasite that leeches on women and damages their self-esteem (for 17 long years omg, what was she thinking?!). I hope his baby mama finds a man that will treat her a million times better than that cheater with the community peen.

So, what did you think of this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop New York? Leave a comment below!

Jan 18, 2015

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 11 - Episode Recap: Divide and Ki-Ki

Happy Sunday, y'all! It's time for another episode recap of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  This episode was entitled "Divide and Ki-KI" and there was so much division between the cast, it is getting sort of annoying. I don't want to see grown women throw shade and read each other all night long. Can't we all just get along?

The episode picks back up at dinner where Nene Leakes was talking about Claudia Jordan's walls being blown out. The ladies exchanged more insults including Claudia saying that people are checking for her in Atlanta and that's why Nene is so bothered.

Can someone explain to me why Nene hates everyone? She's had major issues with each and every cast member. She has no friends and she's not loyal. Porsha Stewart Williams was sitting up there laughing like everything Nene said was so damn funny, but she needs to watch her back. As soon as Porsha's hair line blows up (don't laugh y'all, I'm being serious) Nene will find a reason to hate her. She can't stand it when someone is more successful than she is. 

#TeamPretty a.k.a. Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Demetria McKinney and Claudia leave the uglies to themselves at the dinner table. Claudia apologizes to Demetria for ruining her dinner. The other ladies were secretly happy that Claudia said everything about Nene that they had been thinking all this time.

Demetria feels bad for talking crap about Phaedra Parks and her convict husband, Apollo Nida.

How beautiful is Demetria?!

Demetria felt like she was in the wrong but honestly, I don't think she needed to apologize to Phaedra. Phaedra was the one who started the whole back-and-forth by talking mess about Demetria's singing career and asking her if she had ever did crack.

Either way, the ladies hugged it out and now they are bff's (until the next verbal smack down).

What the hell does Kandi have on? Did you see when she joined the other ladies outside for salad, Porsha's eyes went directly to Kandi's midsection like o_0  Kandi is dead wrong for that two-piece. Every trend ain't for everybody boo.

#TeamPretty effortlessly slaying, per usual!

Kandi wants to hold a Bedroom Kandi re-do since the last event got ruined by her friend claiming to have dated Roger Bobb. I'm so tired of Kandi and her stupid events. You're a freak, we get it. Now take your toys and go!!

The ladies play hot potato with a dildo. Luckily for Claudia, Nene was playing nice on this night.

Team Ugly goes to the beach and Phaedra had the audacity to wear another fishnet cover-up. Jesus fix it!

Nene actually feels bad for the way she acted at the dinner. You know she only felt that way because Claudia probably hurt her little feelings. She wasn't expecting for ol' girl to come for the jugular like that!

The ladies are on their way to Demetria's big performance. Nene tells everyone that she would never downplay their accolades and that she is giving everyone two tickets to her new Cinderella play on Broadway. The ladies all clap for Nene and they are truly happy for her. Claudia tells Nene that she wishes she could be just as happy for everyone else and their accolades (accolades was the word of the day apparently). 

Nene apologizes for the way she acted and Claudia apologizes too, but she's still upset about Nene calling her a wh*re. This is when Porsha chimes in. Oh, Porsha....

Porsha pretty much tells Claudia to accept the apology and keep it moving. Claudia, for whatever reason, mentions that Porsha is dating a married African and he was the one who bought her the Rolls Royce (which she has now been forced to sell). 

Look at ol' messy Kandi. You know she can't wait to get home and tell midget Todd all the juicy tea.

Kenya and Claudia asks Nene how she feels about Porsha dating a married men. Remember, Nene had so much to say when Kim Zolciak was dating that married guy Big Papa, and then she had her wig in a tizzy when she thought Kenya was trying to get with Apollo. But surprisingly, she doesn't care about her girl Porsha bussin it up for a married African. Hmm...interesting. 

Porsha was piiisssed that they were putting her business on front street like that! They called her out on not being able to afford the car and that the title was sent to Kordell Stewart's house and some African man's name was on it LMAO. Dumb ass Porsha, why wouldn't you get the title sent to your 8,000 square foot McMansion?

Porsha says she has her own business selling her extensions and Claudia busts out laughing. Porsha is like, "Well see, now you're not celebrating my acc-" I swear this tweedle-bird couldn't remember how to pronounce "accolades" so she went with "accomplishments" instead lol. Then she started going on about Claudia being contradictory to her or some mess lol. Porsha is so slow. She better hope she stays decent looking for the next 20 years because I don't know how she's gonna make it in life being that damn dumb.

I guess Porsha really did own the car though. Like I said, she's now being forced to sell it after her African sugar daddy cut her off (read more here). 

Demetria can sang! I loved her song and when Da Brat came out, oh shizzzz! Took me back to '94!

What did you think of this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Are you tired of hearing the ladies argue through the whole episode or does it make the show more entertaining?

Jan 15, 2015

Stevie J Facing 2 Years in Prison For Owing Over $1 Million in Back Child Support

Sources are reporting that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Stevie J has been indicted on charges of failing to pay $1,107,412 in back child support. Steebie is facing up to 2 years in prison. #FatherOfTheYear

Stevie has not made his monthly $8,500 child support payment since 2001. The child support order was in place for two of Stevie's kids (don't ask me which two because this dude has a gang of them.)

stevie j and his kids
Stevie and his 5 kids. I'm sure he has more babies floating around out there...

The best part of this story is that Stevie is currently in rehab for an addiction to marijuana and cocaine. His rehab stint will be over just in time for his February 10th arraignment.

Stevie needs his rat teeth knocked out for this. How do you just neglect paying child support for fourteen years? Did he really think he was going to get away with this? 

A question for the children's mother: If your baby daddy is failing to pay child support, do you still allow him to be around his kids? He's playing peek-a-boo with the baby while you're secretly rummaging through his wallet trying to scrape up some coins. Ain't that the most awkward situation ever?

What do you think about Stevie J facing 2 years in prison for failing to pay over $1 million in back child support?

Jan 13, 2015

You Won’t Believe What Kimbella Wore to Yandy’s Baby Shower

kimbella plastic surgery

You guys, I cannot stop laughing at the uber-thirst that was displayed at Yandy Smith's baby shower. Kimbella Vanderhee had the audacity to walk in there looking like she was about to put on a 45-minute set of Beyonce's greatest hits — wait a minute, that's an insult to Beyonce, but you get my point! 

The exposed thigh, the exposed jugs, the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PLASTIC SURGERY, KIMBELLA WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR FACE???! I made a promise not to use curse words on my blog anymore but I swear I yelled out "WHAT THE F-?!" when I saw that she had chopped and screwed her face once again. 

Remember when I suspected that Kimbella and Juelz had broken up again because she wasn't posting on social media as much? (read more here). Well, now I'm thinking that she was just hanging low while these new build-a-body procedures were healing.  

kimbella at yandy smith baby shower

kimbella's dress at yandy smith's baby shower

What do you think about Kimbella's baby shower attire? Do you think this outfit was appropriate or inappropriate? 

Take a Peek Inside Yandy’s Ballerina Themed Baby Shower

yandy smith baby shower

Love & Hip Hop New York's Yandy Smith had a ballerina themed baby shower to welcome the impending arrival of her baby girl. Umm...why did this mess look like a wedding? I mean, the theme is cute and all, but I personally think that people be putting too much money into these parties just so they can stunt on social media. It's all about who can spend the most and have the most lavish get together these days smh. 

Anywaytho, here are the pictures from the event!

Yandy Smith Ballerina Themed Baby Shower

There had to be at least 100 people at this event. The venue was PACKED. I also think Yandy did a wardrobe change but I won't bore you with those photos.

What did you think of Yandy's ballerina themed baby shower?