Dec 5, 2014

Surprise: Masika & Yung Berg Are Back Together. Picture Evidence Inside!

   Young Berg and Masika are back together

Yes, you read that right. Young Berg and Masika Tucker have rekindled their romance and are officially back together.  The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple were involved in an altercation after the taping of the reunion special in New York. Allegedly, Masika forgot to pay Berg's credit card bill and his card was declined at the club. They went back to the hotel and Berg proceeded to beat Masika's azzz *K. Michelle voice*

Berg was arrested on November 5th for "obstruction of breathing" and is facing up to a year in jail.  But nothing can keep Masika away from her man apparently.

Following the incident, she defended Berg and said he had never acted out like that with her. She blamed the entire incident on the alcohol. That's funny because these two are always up in somebody's club drinking and acting a damn fool.

Anyway, here's the picture evidence of the reconciliation. Masika posted this photo on her Instagram profile December 1st.

Young Berg and Masika get back together

So, there you have it folks. Love conquers all (yawn).

Berg was subsequently fired from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood due to the severity of the allegations. Masika needs to voluntarily fire herself from the series for staying with this dwarf.

What do you think about Masika and Yung Berg staying together after he allegedly assaulted her?


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