Dec 21, 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 7 Recap: Nice to 'Metria

Real Housewives of Atlanta episode 7 recap Nice to Metria

The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode 7 just wrapped and you know what that means...recap time! We'll get to Nene Leakes and that atrocious hair a little later.

Kandi Burruss daughter Riley at family bar b que

You know we all went through that awkward stage in our early teens, and you know I hate talking about kids. But Riley, hammercy child wtf you got on? All that money that Kandi Burruss has and she has her daughter walking around in too small clothes looking a remedial mess. Just so damn embarrassing.

Anywaytho, Kandi, Riley, and Todd Tucker head out to Kandi's family bar-b-que. Didn't that function look fun? All that yummy food and a game of Spades being played, mannn! That's my kind of porrty!

Mama Joyce aneurysm

Mama Joyce has a stick up her butt (what's new?).  Kandi was upset that Joyce's boyfriend destroyed her home with his Holmes on Homes project fail. Kandi is trying to discuss their differences and Mama Joyce tells her that she doesn't want to argue because she's on medication to prevent her from having an ameurysm. Now, I've been around some country folk, but I have never heard the word "aneurysm" pronounced like aMeurysm. Mama Joyce got a medical condition she can't even pronounce. 

Kandi feels bad and of course she doesn't want to cause her mother to stress so they hug it out.  Mama Joyce really knows how to divert attention from the real situation to turn things in her favor, huh?

new housewife Demetria McKinney

Tonight we were introduced to the newest housewife, Demetria McKinney. She's allegedly a singer and an actress but I've never heard of her in my life. Have you?

Demetria McKinney

Demeteria meets up with Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas at Cynthia's office to discuss casting models for her new musical project.  The conversation then turns to Demetria's boyfriend, Roger Bobb.

Kenya Moore and Roger Bobb

You see, Demetria has been dating Roger on and off for eight years and they kept their relationship private (a.k.a. he wouldn't claim her).  But when Kenya Moore took a picture with Roger at one of Cynthia's events, the media created a story that they were a couple. Kenya never denied the rumors and Demetria found it disrespectful. 

Kenya is always in some mess over somebody's man, huh?

nene leakes blonde wig

Dammit, Nene. Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Looking like damn "Happy Jack".

You, y-y-y-you m-m-make make me h-h-h-h-h-happpyyyyy

nene leakes hsn

Nene is debuting her clothing line on HSN at 12 a.m. Although she almost knocked out a couple of times, the show was a success.  Her "Cold Shoulder" top sold out right away. There goes one more thing for Nene to brag about.

Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks stops by to visit her friend, Kandi. Kandi starts asking Phaedra about that current status of her relationship with her husband, Apollo Nida. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Phaedra tell Kandi that Apollo was staying at the house with her and the kids? Then later in the episode she said that she never sees Apollo because he's never at home. Ol' lying Phae-Phae!

Kandi's cousin

Kandi has yet another straggler living in her home. This lady picks up people like stray dogs, don't she? Remember after she broke up with her ex-fiance AJ Jewel, she was still taking care of his twin daughters. She's funding Mama Joyce's entire lifestyle, she allowed Todd's 18-year-old, no life goals daughter to live with them, and now she has moved her cousin into her house. I wonder what Todd thinks about this?

Anyway, Kandi's cousin's daddy spent some time in jail when he was a kid.  The cousin tells Phaedra that it's best for her to be honest with Mr. President and Ayden about Apollo being locked up.  I agree with him. Apollo is scum for getting locked up, but the kids will ultimately have resentment towards Phaedra if she's not honest with them as they get older. 

Nene Leakes

Nene has taken so many L's this season with her confessional looks. Hideous, hideous, hideous!

Kenya Moore and Roger Bobb

Kenya has a meeting with Demetria's man Roger. Kenya wants Roger to produce a film for her that she can star in and he agrees. At first, it seemed like they were low key flirting with each other. When Kenya confronted Roger about dating Demetria, he actually claimed her. Hallelujah! I thought for sure he would be like "I don't know that heaux!" But nope, Demetria is his lady...after eight years...eight long years...

Demetria McKinney and Derrick J

Demetria is debuting her brand new music video at a night club and she also wanted to debut Roger as being her man. Everyone showed up for the event and it looks like Derrick J. is wearing one of Nene's "Cold Shoulder" shirts. Slay a bit, Derrick!

All the ladies show up to show support for Demetria, but her man Roger didn't even bother to come. Smh. This relationship looks like it's built to last (not).

Apollo and Phaedra

OMG you know Phaedra probably crapped her pants when Apollo walked in to the venue. The two weren't even communicating at home, but for whatever reason, Apollo thought that Demetria's event was a good time for him to hash things out with his wife.

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida

Things got awkward real quick. I feel like Apollo was losing his mind because he knew he was about to be in the clinker for a minute. I don't feel bad for Phaedra at all though. She knew what she was getting into when she was giving foot rubs to an ex-con on his air mattress. 

You see?! Phaedra was lying to her friend Kandi the whole time. Apollo was not living with her and according to the blogs, he hadn't been staying in their marital home for at least a year. Why is Phaedra trying so hard to portray this perfect life? You married a damn con artist for goodness' sake! You might not be living the ideal life right now but it's YOURS! Own it, bytch!

Apollo tried to embrace his wife, but she wasn't having it. He was probably just trying to get some of that good loving before being shipped off to the federal pen. Something tells me that no panties were coming off on this night.

Ugh, f- you, Nene and your damn wig!

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