Pictures: Yandy Smith is Still Pregnant and Looking Like She's About to Pop!

Yandy Smith pregnant with a baby girl

Love & Hip Hop New York's Yandy Smith is still pregnant and looking like she might pop any day! The mother of one is expecting her second child, a baby girl, with her fiance Mendeecees Harris. Yandy announced on her Instagram that she will name the baby Smyth Dream Harris.

Okay den.

Yandy is about seven months pregnant so she still has awhile to go before she welcomes Smyth into the world.

Yandy, co-star Tara Wallace, and a friend.

Fans of the New York series are still shocked that Yandy would even consider having another child with Mendeecees considering he is expected to do some time behind bars. Mendookie is currently out on $600,000 bond (Yandy allegedly put up $200,000 for her boo) stemming from a 2013 arrest in Rochester, New York. Mandingo is awaiting trial for federal drug trafficking charges after transporting over $2.5 million worth of cocaine between 2005 and 2012.

If history repeats itself, Montego Bay won't be getting off easy on this one. Didn't he see what happened to other reality stars that were facing federal charges? *cough cough Teresa Giudice cough cough Apollo Nida*

Mandalay was fresh as hayle while the feds were watching and building a case against his remedial azz. Let me tell you, NO ONE beats the feds. If you're getting indicted on federal charges, it means that they have years of evidence, surveillance footage, DNA samples, sperm samples, pictures of you sleeping, pictures of you washing your funky azz, they have it all! Morphine Drip is NOT gonna get off on this one!

Melatonin's co-conspirators, his brother Tyrus Harris (they're mama is wrong for giving one kid a five letter name while Minutia is stuck with a 50 letter name atrocity), and Ronald Walker, have already pled guilty. Tyrus was sentenced to five years in the pen. Minnetonka is facing up to 20 years in prison, and he is currently working on a resolution (a.k.a. a plea deal, a.k.a. he about to snitch on somebody).

The drug life/fast lifestyle never ends well. I've watched enough Drugs Inc and First 48 to know that dealers that get locked up are forever in debt. Any cocaine that was seized during his arrest will need to be repayed with either money or....well, you know the rest!

Anywayho, congrats to Mendeecees, Yandy and their family on their new bundle of joy. Check out more pictures of Yandy and her baby bump below!

Yandy and Joseline Hernandez

Yandy, Kimbella, and Kimbella's new build-a-body

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