Sep 7, 2014

Momma Dee Has a Tooth Malfunction During Performance

mama dee tooth malfunction dentures

Mucho embarrassing! Momma Dee of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta had a major denture malfunction while performing her song "I Deserve" in front of an unsuspecting crowd.

Lil' Scrappy's mother was about to perform a 26-minute set during her single release party. Um, wayamin', this geriatric bird with her non-singing self was on stage for 26 whole minutes for a SINGLE release party? She couldn't even find the time to record a whole album so she is torturing us with an extended version of "I Deserve"? Jesus, be a pair of earplugs!

Anywaydoe, the snaggletoothed self-proclaimed Queen of the South should have used some extra Poligrip that night because her dentures completely pop, locked, and dropped right out of her mouth...and it was all caught on tape!

Momma Dee didn't care about her teeth giving up on life and jumping for freedom. She took to her Twitter to address everyone that was cackling about the incident:

So there you have it, people. There's no shame in Momma Dee's game. Her flipper will flip flop wherever it pleases, and you will deal with it!

What do you think about Momma Dee's teeth falling out of her mouth during her performance?