Aug 12, 2014

Orlando Scandrick Pops Molly with Draya and Gets Suspended from the NFL

Jesus be some common sense!

Dallas Cowboy's Orlando Scandrick has just been suspended for the first four games of the NFL season after testing positive for molly. Orlando told the NFL that he took a trip to Mexico earlier this year with his ex-girlfriend, Basketball Wives Draya Michele. An unknown substance was placed in his drink and Orlando swears he had no idea what it was and was unaware that it was one of the NFL's banned substances. Sources are reporting that Draya insisted that the substance was not banned and that Orlando would be fine.

Sings *these hoes ain't loyal*

Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick in Mexico where the alleged molly incident went down.

Orlando will now miss out on the start of the season due to being a dumb ass. Personally, I wouldn't take anything if I didn't know what it was.  I'm not trying to be laid out somewhere unconscious. Orlando needs to take responsibility for his actions and blaming Draya really isn't even an option at this point. No one told him to take this trick to Mexico, no one told him to pop a molly and start sweating. Everything that went down was due to his own actions.

Apparently Draya took to her Twitter today to say that neither Orlando nor his agent are accusing her of planting molly in his drink. But just like a true bird, she has since deleted all of her tweets except for ten irrelevant ones.

I reported earlier this week that Draya and Orlando had broken up and Draya tried to front on Sunday like they were back together again. All news stories that were released today have labeled her as his "ex-girlfriend" so chile, I don't know what these heauxs be doing. I can't keep up with all the back and forth so for now on, I'm gonna sit right here on the sidelines and see how this story unfolds.

What do you think about Orlando Scandrick being suspended for four games due to popping molly in Mexico with Draya?


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