Jul 29, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Malaysia Pargo Hanging Out With Rapper Fabolous' Alleged Robbery Crew After Divorce

Disclaimer: Okay, I'll be the first to admit it, I'm an internet thug. I use my blog to say what I feel about reality t.v. shows and stars but in real life, I'm pretty meek. I understand that the subjects I write about are real people, with real lives and families to take care of. I don't mean any harm so I'm actually going to go easy on this post. Also, I'm scared shytless of some of the people involved in this fukkery. Ok, now that I got that out the way, let's get to the tea shall we? 

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Malaysia Pargo filed for divorce from her husband Jannero in March of 2014. Ever since news broke that her marriage was over, Malaysia has been out in them streets getting her gottdamn life I tell ya. You would think she was single and free. By free, I mean childless. But May-May has three children at home to take care of. Instead of taking care of home, this birdie is in Houston, New York, Atlanta a.k.a. every where that her kids aint at. About two weeks ago, an interesting picture popped up on Malaysia's Instagram. It was a picture of an unidentified female, and a guy that goes by Mr. Ruggs. Here's the picture:

The picture in question (above) was taken about two weeks ago and shows Malaysia in a strip club with Ruggs and a whole bunch of dollar bills on the floor. How some people find a tittay bar to be a good time is beyond me but that's none of my business though.

Allegedly, Mr. Ruggs (government name: Darryl McKinney) has a very lengthy history of being an alleged scammer and robber in New York and Atlanta. He is rapper Fabolous' best friend and the two go way back in their alleged crime sprees. News outlets have reported that Fabolous and his crew are connected to robberies involving NBA players like Sebastian Telfair, NFL players like Frank Walker, Boxers like Zab Judah and other hood nobodies that I'm not familiar with. These ratchets are snatching chains and stealing half a million dollar cars. Take a look at this:

One of Fab's boys, Shammel McKinney (not sure if he's related to Ruggs but they do have the same last name), was even killed during one of their botched robberies in a New York night club. You think this would make the crew fall back but nope, they are allegedly still at it. Fabulous also got shot in the thigh after one of their robberies involving NBA player Sebastian Telfair. Damn, these fools crazy!

Ruggs allegedly stole from Detroit promoters at one point and ended up getting his ass handed to him.  There was a video on You Tube which has since been removed but here's a screenshot that I fished from the web.

Well dayum, looks painful.

So what's the point of this post? Welp, my point is, why is classy and sophisticated Ms. Malaysia Lakeisha Pargo hanging out with someone who is connected to these vicious allegations? Does May-May understand what she's getting herself into by being in the presence of people who don't think twice about taking other people's shyt/lives?  Imma need for Malaysia to get her shit together. This is not a good look for her, I don't care how "Compton" she claims to be, she cannot be this hood. She just can't. I refuse to believe that she would be cool with Fab and his crew if she really knew what they were capable of.

Sidenote: Did I mention that Ruggs also had a fling with Keyshia Cole? 

The police and Feds are allegedly well aware of Fab, Ruggs and their robbery crew but back in 2009, they claimed to not have enough information to launch a full scale investigation. You know they are sitting back and collecting their evidence so they can hit these fools with 30 years to life. Wait for it...

What do you think of Malaysia Pargo being connected to Fabolous' New York robbery crew?


  1. Hey, you broke it down!! Haha....My chin dropped to the floor, interesting reading!! Malaysis get your a$$ home to your kids and be the respectable Mom that I thought you were! That street life is not for you Boo!