Jul 29, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Malaysia Pargo Hanging Out With Rapper Fabolous' Alleged Robbery Crew After Divorce

Disclaimer: Okay, I'll be the first to admit it, I'm an internet thug. I use my blog to say what I feel about reality t.v. shows and stars but in real life, I'm pretty meek. I understand that the subjects I write about are real people, with real lives and families to take care of. I don't mean any harm so I'm actually going to go easy on this post. Also, I'm scared shytless of some of the people involved in this fukkery. Ok, now that I got that out the way, let's get to the tea shall we? 

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Malaysia Pargo filed for divorce from her husband Jannero in March of 2014. Ever since news broke that her marriage was over, Malaysia has been out in them streets getting her gottdamn life I tell ya. You would think she was single and free. By free, I mean childless. But May-May has three children at home to take care of. Instead of taking care of home, this birdie is in Houston, New York, Atlanta a.k.a. every where that her kids aint at. About two weeks ago, an interesting picture popped up on Malaysia's Instagram. It was a picture of an unidentified female, and a guy that goes by Mr. Ruggs. Here's the picture:

Jul 27, 2014

Don't Be Tardy Episode Recap: Snip, Snip, Bye Bye Balls!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann got lucky tonight. Don't Be Tardy came on immediately after The Real Housewives of New Jersey so I thought I would tune in to see what Kim "No Walls" had going on. Ummm....the answer is NOT A DAMN THANG. The show is thirty minutes too long and I was immediately tired of Kim's dirty mouth cussing around her kids, cussing at her nanny, cussing at her gynecologist, cussing at her husband, cussing at her pregnant friend. This chick cannot speak a sentence without inserting a cuss world. Po' thang still has no class *shakes head*.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode Recap: Fake Tears & Vicious Lies

Another snorefest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has passed us by but let's jump into the recap, shall we? *Pours wine*

That Amber chick oh my word...she gets on my damn nerves. Every time her and her family come on the screen I immediately begin to doze off. Don't get me wrong (some of) her children are cute. That little girl is too precious. But other than that, she seems like a faker, a poser, a try-hard, an absolute waste of airtime.

Teresa Giudice has her hands in yet ANOTHER business. My damn this woman be busy as hayle! She now has her Fabulicious dessert line and she invited the ladies over for a private tasting at her home. First, I gotta say, that Milania needs to be whooped. She was so rude to the people who were there to take pictures of Tre. There's a fine line between being a precocious little kid and being a pain in the ass terror. Andddd where do they let children talk down and disrespect their elders? This is so foreign to me. Imma need for Tre to nip this behavior before it's too late (honestly I think it's already too late but hey, I'm trying to be somewhat optimistic). It is not cute and aint nobody gonna put up with Milania's bad ass mouth in the real world. 

I digress, back to the dessert party...

Jul 20, 2014

Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 2 Recap: Christmas in July & Teresa and Her Lies

This entire season was filmed during last winter and seeing all of the Christmas trees and presents being opened just made me wish it were December already! I know I'm not the only one who felt that way! But anywaydoe, this episode was pretty tame. No yelling, no screaming and no fighting (yet).

So Joe Gorga and Melissa moved out of their home, you know, the one they sold to "get away from Teresa". They're renting a smaller home in Franklin Lakes which is the same damn city that Teresa Giudice lives in so really, what was the point of the move? Oh yeah, because they're broke and couldn't afford their McMansion anymore. And Melissa even admitted on camera "we are not moving because of Teresa". Bitch if you don't get your damn lies straight!

Jul 8, 2014

Apollo Nida Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison - Phaedra Is Nowhere to be Found

Don't drop the soap, bruh!

A judge has sentenced Real Housewives of Atlanta's Apollo Nida to 8 years in prison for mail fraud, wire fraud, and host of other ignorant shyt like stealing people's identities and cashing their checks.  Apollo pleaded guilty to all charges (and most likely snitched on his partners in crime) and got off easy by only being sentenced to 8 years instead of initial reports of him looking at going to the big house for 30 years.

Surprisingly (or not), donkey booty Phaedra Parks was not at the court house during sentencing. Wow, way to stand by your man Phae-Phae! 

I feel sorry for Ayden and Mr. President. No child should have to visit their father behind a jail cell. And something tells me that cocky Apollo has not learned his lesson. He's now a two time felon and nothing is stopping him from continuously breaking the law. He commits white collar crimes, gets slapped on the wrist, and then is released back into the world just to fxck shyt up again. Do better, Apollo! You have children and a wife to live and provide for! Stop being so damn selfish and idiotic! Ugh! *as I throw my wine glass across the room*

What do you think of Apollo getting sentenced to 8 years in prison? Does he deserve to do the time?

Jul 6, 2014

Kandi's Wedding Finale - Episode Recap

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Why do I feel like this was the longest wedding special ever?

Anywaydoe, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker finally got past the b.s., said their vows and partied the night away, but not without some major drama. And by drama, I'm talking about YOU Mama Joyce!

My gawd this lady is vile ain't she? I'm half hoping that she's just acting like a bird to make for good t.v. but we all know how Mama Joyce feels about any man that's in Kandi's life. What I want to know is, why did she feel the need to make those comments about Todd's daughter? To single out a child and make her feel like she's not as special as Riley is just wrong!

Todd was dragging his feet on signing the pre-nup but his hesitance to sign the legal doc is minuscule in comparison to Mama Joyce and her over the top antics. She's lucky that Kandi was nice enough to let her sour geriatric ass come to the event.

Welp, Kandi and Todd have been married for three months now and they seem to be doing well...accept for the fact that Todd is constantly traveling (doing what though? Bum azz ain't got no real job) and Kandi admitted on Instagram that Todd frequents strip clubs with ex-con Apollo Nida. Shyt, I wish my man would use my money at a damn strip club. Todd has officially lost his mind.

Kandi will most likely be back for next season's Real Housewives of Atlanta and I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll be seeing Mama Joyce and her funk box attitude.

What did you think of Kandi's wedding special?