May 14, 2014

Deeva's Discussion Forum - My Thoughts on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Series

Hello fans of the popular Real Housewives of Atlanta! I hope you're enjoying the show.

I've read a recent comment regarding one of the stars, "Mrs.Nene", suggesting it may be time for her to go....I enjoy the show sometimes, my perception of her was slightly altered in the "Pillow Talk" episode, at Kenya's function for the young women and also her demeanor at the Reunion Show.

I don't dislike her character it just seems that she could brush up on her etiquette and try a little tact & grace. She expressed such an irritation with Kenya, and her tone was ghetto and not ladylike. Mr. Andy asked her about whether should return for another season and she hinted to being tired of RHOA. Stating that (the show) had changed. So maybe things will get better regarding her feelings about the show and hopefully she will return. I enjoy Kenya, and her fashion pal.I think she adds the excitement and rawness the show needs!

I do wish Phaedra & Apollo well concerning their family issues. As for Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker, be sure to watch for her upcoming nuptials as Bravo has filmed a few episodes documenting her walk down the aisle.

Back to Mrs. Nene and the comment on it being time for her to leave the show, just remember, this adds drama and it adds ratings! So stay tuned!


  1. Well said! You are right, Nene does add drama to the show and she sure does add a little bit of spice to the series. But I do think she has ran her course and should make room for the new stars!