May 22, 2014

Deeva's Discussion Forum: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode Recap: Sextapes, Miscarriages and a Marriage?

Sleezy...oops Stevie J. and Joseline went ahead and tied the knot! Or did they?

Last week It was exciting to see Stevie on the baby grand piano playing beautifully as Joseline Jordan graced him with her presence. Well she finally looked like a decent lady coming out in her teal dress. They really looked like a happily married couple but looks can be deceiving. Sources say, as I hinted to last week, the ring came from her man "Keith"! Ol' girl at the bar, who once worked for the Stevie and Joseline claims to know it all, including the fact that the marriage, the house and the report in the magazine were all lies. How is that for a story line? This seemingly disgruntled former employee had a very interesting meeting with Stevie's ex. She shared a bit more than the newlyweds wanted.  That's some bad business I tell ya...

Speaking of bad business (and exes) it seems Mimi Faust and her boyfriend Niko might have made a possible bad business deal with Vivid Entertainment. They decided to make money off of their "personal sex tape" that got in the wrong hands after Nikko's luggage was supposedly stolen at the airport. But at least they are earning money right?

For a minute there was some excitement over little baby Scrappies possibly running around but sadly, Bambi had a miscarriage. Please keep her in your prayers.  I wish Bambi well in her recovery. I hope Lil Scrappy is a gentleman and remains supportive.

It was refreshing to see Mama Dee actually show compassion as she shared her experience with Bambi. In her own way, she apologized for being mean to her. A little shade was thrown but overall I'm happy to see the human sympathetic side of her. Don't worry, she'll be back to her old self soon!

Speaking of apologies, or rather who needs to render one, yes, I'm talking to you Kirk! Did he really pick up some random chick and bring her home as a baby sitter for his and Rasheeda's son Carter? Yes this sleezo #2 did.  What a shame! He always seemed shady to me. I don't know who's worse Sleezy J or Kirk the Turk? Hmm... Atlanta whats really go 'n on?

On a final note regarding this episode, what do you think about  Kirk picking up girls on the side? Do you think Bambi really suffered a miscarriage? Are Joseline and Stevie J. really married?


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