May 14, 2014

Deeva's Discussion Forum - Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode Recap: Mimi Faust, Nikko & Their Fake Sextape

Hey Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans!

Wow have you seen Stevie J and Joseline's White Wouse? Yes it's official (allegedly), the two have tied the knot.

Now, initially I wanted Stevie and Mimi Faust get back together. I'm just all for keeping families together instead of apart. But life happens and things change. There was a rumor that Joseline was actually engaged or married to a man by the name of Keith, and the whole Stevie J. and Joseline union was a stunt for the show. Hmm.... who knows. I guess we have to keep watching to see.

The shocker for me was the sex tape that Nikko and Mimi filmed. How scandalous! This sextape feels suspect to me. The whole story about Nikko losing his bags that contained the same camera that filmed their rendezvous just seems fake to me. I think this was a set up for a payoff of money which they hinted to getting. Let's face it, it makes for an interesting storyline. Stay tuned to your favorite Hip Hop drama on VH1!

What do you think about Nikko and Mimi filming their escapade for the world to see?