Apr 20, 2014

Porsha Drags Kenya at the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Special

Man, I was so shocked that they showed Kenya getting dragged on the first part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion special. I thought for sure they would show the hair pulling during the last 30 seconds of the episode but they surprised me. I'm gonna blame it on editing because I have no idea why Porsha was that enraged. Kenya must have mentioned something about Kordell allegedly being gay and Porsha being his beard. 

Whatever was really said, Porsha felt the need to throw Kenya's scepter (I learned a new word tonight), grab her by her beautiful locks (no tracks?), and proceed to literally drag her across the floor.  I wonder if Kenya's scalp was throbbing after that fiasco? No seriously, I've never been dragged, does it feel like your hair is actually being ripped from your brain? Either way, Kenya got mollywopped and you know deep inside the rest of the cast was secretly happy.

It was clear from the first few minutes of the reunion that the show is clearly all about Kenya. All questions were directed to her, all answers were about her, Kenya IS the Real housewives of Atlanta series. Hey Nene, now's your time to exit stage left!


  1. Yeah, that was a shock to me too!!! Kandi threatened to "drag someone up in this bitch" but Porsha carried it out!! I guess that is Kenya's hair because believe me, that weave would have been all over that studio!! Great Part 1 Bravo!!!