Mar 29, 2014

Porsha Stewart Fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta?!

Porsha "Ditzy Dumbo" Williams is not an asset to the Real Housewives of Atlanta series at all! For one, she's not a wife (not that that even matters anymore), and secondly, she lacks intelligence, business sense or any other endearing quality that I would like to see on my t.v. screen on Sunday nights.  Her tension with Kenya Moore is beyond evident as the two nemesis have verbally slayed each other for the past two seasons (does "bye, ashy!" ring a bell?)

According to People magazine, Kenya and Porsha got into a fight during the taping of the reunion special. Weaves were pulled but according to other online sources, no one was seriously hurt.

Other news outlets are now reporting that Porsha might be on the chopping block after her antics. There has never been a physical fight during the taping of any of the Housewives' reunion specials so I wouldn't be surprised if Porsha got the axe!

She better hope she can make those 7K rental payments on that mansion she's leasing.

What do you think about Porsha and Kenya getting into a fight during the Real Housewives of Atlanta reuinion taping?


  1. She know she needs the money....what was she thinking??! Guess she'll be moving back in with her Mama!!

  2. If she got fired for fighting so should Apollo he the one who actually hurt somebody