Mar 30, 2014

Benzino Shot by His Nephew During Mother's Funeral Procession

If this ain't the creepiest damn picture ever!

Rapper Benzino was traveling down Route 3 just south of Boston when he was shot in the arm by his nephew. The rapper, whose mother passed away on March 20th, was driving in her funeral procession when his nephew drove up alongside him and opened fire.  Benzino's vehicle pulled over and he was placed into another car and rushed to the hospital.

Judging by the picture above, Benzino seems to be in good company as his BFF Stevie J stopped by to check on his friend.  But can you imagine trying to grieve the loss of your mother and then you get shot by your own fam? Smh pure madness.

Gai Scott, Benzino's nephew, was taken into custody and charged with intent to murder.  The two had allegedly been beefing for awhile but what the hell made Gai get to this point? Is it really that serious that you have to shoot your uncle like that? My mind just can't comprehend this. This ish cray!

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star has yet to tweet since March 19th but here's to wishing Benzino a speedy recovery! Head on over to Twitter and send him some love, I'm sure he can use it right about now.

What do you think about Benzino getting shot by his nephew?

Mar 29, 2014

Porsha Stewart Fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta?!

Porsha "Ditzy Dumbo" Williams is not an asset to the Real Housewives of Atlanta series at all! For one, she's not a wife (not that that even matters anymore), and secondly, she lacks intelligence, business sense or any other endearing quality that I would like to see on my t.v. screen on Sunday nights.  Her tension with Kenya Moore is beyond evident as the two nemesis have verbally slayed each other for the past two seasons (does "bye, ashy!" ring a bell?)

According to People magazine, Kenya and Porsha got into a fight during the taping of the reunion special. Weaves were pulled but according to other online sources, no one was seriously hurt.

Other news outlets are now reporting that Porsha might be on the chopping block after her antics. There has never been a physical fight during the taping of any of the Housewives' reunion specials so I wouldn't be surprised if Porsha got the axe!

She better hope she can make those 7K rental payments on that mansion she's leasing.

What do you think about Porsha and Kenya getting into a fight during the Real Housewives of Atlanta reuinion taping?

Mar 16, 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Recap: Mexico Mayhem Continues

Sooo, I'm guessing Phaedra Parks doesn't realize that Apollo Nida is going to do whatever he wants to do, huh? She was trying so hard to protect him from Kenya Moore's inflatable booty but the truth is, if Apollo really wanted to stay away from Kenya, he wouldn't need his wife's help in doing so.

The problem with Apollo is this: he thinks he's above the law (no pun). He truly thinks he can do whatever he wants, have whoever he wants, act however he wants, and the world will have to deal. Those type of people cannot be trusted because they are capable of anything! Phaedra knows her marriage is a farce and no matter which way you slice it, this marriage was NOT built to last.

Rumors have been circulating that Phaedra and Apollo separated after news of his federal indictment dropped but I think their relationship was fake from the jump. Phaedra couldn't stomach the fact that she was going to be an unwed mother and Apollo was looking for a come up.  Like come on, if a man has zero chemistry with his own damn wife then what does that tell you? And how awkward were his scene's with Kenya? From him staring at her booty to them talking about how they could have smashed if they would have smashed if they wanted to smash etc. Kenya and Apollo have the most intense sexual chemistry it's crazy and uncomfortable at the same damn time.

Phaedra weeps!

What did you think about this week's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Mar 8, 2014

*UPDATE* Draya Michele & Orlando Scandrick Have Called it Quits on Their 1 Year Anniversary?

It's too bad it couldn't last, right? 

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Draya Michele has been dating Dallas Cowboy's Orlando Scandrick for a year but it looks like the couple has thrown in the towel on their fake relationship. 

Draya made the internet blow up when she stepped out on the ESPY Awards red carpet with her new boo thang, Orlando. Quickly, the couple moved in together and blended their families (Draya with her son from a previous relationship and Orlando with his twin daughters.)

Draya was in love and didn't give a damn about what anyone had to say about it. She even publicly revoked her own heaux card on Instagram. The pelican-esque former groupie and jersey chaser exchanged her see-through dresses for turtle necks, long sleeves, and she even started wearing panties. Oh joy!

Orlando made numerous appearances on Draya's webseries "Blame Draya" and he also became a major focus of this seasons Basketball Wives L.A. as a love triangle between Jackie's daughter, Orlando, and Draya emerged. 

Draya seemed excited for her one year anniversary on March 5th, but the day came and went without a peep from her. You know she's the first to flaunt her gifts and her boo online so it was odd that she didn't have anything of importance to say on such an important day, right?

Welp, Orlando sure wasn't keeping his mouth closed as he retweeted a tweet on the day of his anniversary: