Feb 9, 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap - Everyone's Acting a Gorilla Fool & It's All Nene's Fault

And the craziness continued on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Can we just take a look at the picture above. Ignore The Big Homie Chuck and Kandi Burruss looking like Chewbacca.  Look at Nene Leakes in the corner. Oh she is so damn appalled by everything that has taken place, isn't she? She just can't believe everything that has happened. What went wrong? How did Nene's innocent Pillow Talk event get completely ruined?

Girl, bye! Nene urks my ever lasting nerve. She instigated this entire Pillow Talk fiasco and then had the nerve to be mad at everyone else for the way they reacted. Nene is a manipulator and is using her cast mates as her pawns. She is having a ball as she sits back and watches everyone else act a gorilla monkey fool. 

When the ladies met up at the spa later in the episode, Nene (with that fugly wig) was still on her high horse and pointing fingers at Kenya Moore. In Nene's eyes, if Kenya would not have gotten out of her seat, none of the subsequent fights would have went down. Is Nene stupid or something? Did that peroxide kill whatever brain cells she had left? If a man is standing over you talking, isn't it in your natural instinct to stand up and defend yourself?  I don't blame Kenya for standing up for herself at all.

But that's neither here nor there. Nene sometimes claims Kenya as a friend but their friendship is based on some deep rooted shade. I feel like every time Nene talks to Kenya, she is talking down to her or talking in a condescending manner. The main issue Nene has is that she knows that Kenya is slowly creeping up on that queen of The Real Housewives of Atlanta crown. Nene is so 2009 and Kenya is the future of the show. Although the scenes Kenya shoots alone are snorefests, when she gets with the rest of the ladies, Kenya turns up the heat and brings the fukkery that the viewers love to watch. Nene knows this and can't handle it at all.

Until Nene runs Kenya off of the show, she won't be satisfied with sharing any airtime with her. Nene thinks that the Atlanta franchise is her show and anyone else that comes close to being a fan favorite needs to be terminated. Keep your eyes open in the next couple of weeks and tell me if you notice Nene trying to sabotage Kenya's spot on the show by labeling her as the "trouble maker". 

What do you think about Nene blaming everything on Kenya? Is Nene jealous of Kenya's popularity?


  1. omg thank god I found someone else who shares the same views as I do. nene is a piece of shit. someone needs to kill that high horse she's sitting on