Feb 1, 2014

Blame Draya Episode 4 Recap: Excessive Birthday Parties

I remember in my early-20s I would celebrate my birthday for the entire month but I had low budget birthday extravaganzas. I'm talking drinking forties at the crib every night, playing spades and stumbling out of the local bar on weekends. Draya "Forever a Groupie" Michele has taken birthday parties to a whole new level. She celebrated her special day in Houston with some sasquatch of a chick that loves to "turnup" and then finished off the festivities with two parties in L.A. with a bunch of F.A.G.s (that's Fine Ass Girls in case you didn't know). 

Here's the entire episode of Draya's webseries. 

What do you think about Draya going all out for her birthday?


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