Feb 24, 2014

Erica Dixon & Lil Scrappy Announce Their Break Ups on Instagram

When they ask you where you heard it first, you better say Real Reality Gossip!

Back in January, I reported that Erica Dixon had broken up with her unemployed thirst deprived boyfriend O'shea Russell. And yes, I was the first blogger to announce the breakup *takes a bow* thank you, thank you!

Some of y'all didn't believe me though (check the comments of the breakup post here). Then Valentine's Day crept around and Erica spent the holiday away from Oshea. In a surprising twist, Lil Scrappy also didn't spend the special day with his boo thang of the moment, Bambi.  A picture then surfaced of Erica and Lil' Scrappy together at an event on Valentine's Day. I knew right there that something fishy was going on.

Welp, last night, on Instagram, Erica and Scrappy each announced they were single within an hour of each other. Are these two planning to reconcile and get back together for the sake of their daughter?

Check out the "I'm Single" announcements!

Feb 16, 2014

This Week in Pictures: Valentine's Day Edition!

Check out these pictures of your favorite reality t.v. stars as they celebrate Valentine's Day with their loved ones.

Real Housewives of Orange County's Alex Bellino enjoyed a  night out with her husband Jim and some friends.

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Draya Michele put on her classiest red dress and headed out to dinner with her boyfriend Orlando Scandrick.

You Won't Believe Who Erica Dixon Spent Valentine's Day With!

Aww sookie sookie now! A couple of weeks ago, I had reported that Erica Dixon and her unemployed boyfriend Oshea Russell had broken up.  I got real messy and even tweeted the blog post to Oshea and Erica, trying to get some kind of reaction out of either of them, but unfortunately they ignored my thirst antic *tears*.  About a week after posting the story, Oshea had trekked his broke azz all the way from Virginia to Atlanta (in the snow) to try to reconcile with the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star and I guess it worked because he ended up posting a picture of the two of them on his Instagram. I banged my head on my desk in defeat. How the hell they gonna try to prove me wrong? I was almost certain that Erica wasn't fukking with Oshea anymore, all the signs were there. She seriously hasn't posted a picture on her Instagram about him or with him in months! If that aint the tell-tale sign of the end of a relationship then I don't know what is!

So Valentine's Day rolls around and this is the time of year when relationships are put to the test. I simply sat back and watched as Valentine's came and went without a lovey dovey peep from neither Erica nor Oshea. That was my first inkling that once again, Erica had came to her sense and slow punted the father of three from her life.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Erica's ex-fiance Lil Scrappy and his new girlfriend Bambi have also been on the low low. They didn't spend Valentine's Day together and Bambi has deleted the pictures she took with Scrappy in the past month. So if Erica wasn't checking for Oshea on Valentine's Day and Lil' Scrappy wasn't massaging Bambi's gums on lover's day, then who the hayle was with who on February 14th??! I was shocked as hell when I saw this picture. Check it out!

Feb 9, 2014

Evelyn Lozada Dances the Night Away at Her Baby Shower

Seriously though, how beautiful does Evelyn Lozada look at her baby shower? You know I can't really stand the groupie heffa, and I hate to admit it, but she looks stunning in that white dress. Werk it, Ev!

The Basketball Wives star was thrown a baby shower by her daughter Shaniece and good friend Shaunie O'neal in Los Angeles on February 8th. All of Evelyn's friends and family showed up in their best designer outfits to join the mother-to-be for food, cake, and lots of Beyonce songs on the dance floor! Some of the guests in attendance included Tiffney Cambridge of Marrying the Game and her Basketball Wives co-star Tasha Marbury.  Noticeably absent from the festivities were ex-friends Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman.  I'm guessing their invitations got lost in the mail?

Evelyn and her fiance, Los Angeles Dodger's Carl Crawford, were engaged on Christmas day and Evelyn announced last month that the couple is expecting a boy.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap - Everyone's Acting a Gorilla Fool & It's All Nene's Fault

And the craziness continued on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Can we just take a look at the picture above. Ignore The Big Homie Chuck and Kandi Burruss looking like Chewbacca.  Look at Nene Leakes in the corner. Oh she is so damn appalled by everything that has taken place, isn't she? She just can't believe everything that has happened. What went wrong? How did Nene's innocent Pillow Talk event get completely ruined?

Girl, bye! Nene urks my ever lasting nerve. She instigated this entire Pillow Talk fiasco and then had the nerve to be mad at everyone else for the way they reacted. Nene is a manipulator and is using her cast mates as her pawns. She is having a ball as she sits back and watches everyone else act a gorilla monkey fool. 

Feb 7, 2014

Is Porsha Stewart Pregnant by Her New Boyfriend?

The above photo has sparked so much controversy on Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Stewart's Instagram page. Her followers immediately noticed a pudge and asked the newly single housewife if she was pregnant. I'm gonna say, her followers are L-A-T-E. I've been saying that Porsha looked pregnant ever since that Pillow Talk episode of RHOA aired and she looked like she was in her second trimester. But that episode was supposedly filmed in September of 2013 and I doubt that Porsha is 9 months pregnant as of right now. But anywaydoe, everyone thinks she is pregnant because not only is she looking slightly hefty, but she allegedly has a new man in her life. I did some digging and although I couldn't get concrete evidence of his identity, I did find this bundle of tea poured by Porsha herself.

Feb 6, 2014

Kenya Says Brandon Was Traumatized After Fight With Apollo

The battle of the light-brights rages on!

After witnessing Real Housewives' of Atlanta's Apollo Nida attempt to pummel Kenya Moore's good friend (cousin?) Brandon DeShazer to smithereens, even I was slightly traumatized by the way everything went down. His anger came completely out of left field for the viewers that didn't realize that Apollo knew that the Feds were on his tail at the time that episode was filmed.

Feb 3, 2014

Cyn Santana Still Can't Catch a Clue

I feel so bad y'all, I completely slept on this entire season of Love & Hip Hop New York.  I started watching the last few episodes and was able to tune into the reunion special so I wanted to drop my two cents on the whole Erica Mena - Rich Dollaz - Cyn Santana situation.

Every single time this trio popped up on my t.v. screen, all I could hear was a whole bunch of hollering. What the hell were they really fighting about? I think Cyn said it best, Erica claims to hate the drama but she allowed corny Rich to remain in her life and cause havoc in her relationship. But I think deep down inside, Erica loved the fact the Rich was finally willing to claim her (even though it was too little too late) and she knew she could mess with his head and then go home to Cyn every night. Pretty much, Erica is a heaux that is having her cake and eating it too.

Feb 2, 2014

Nene Leakes Is Still Living that Hollywood Life - Spends Thousands of Dollars on Shoes

New money, SMH.

Nene Leakes is the self-proclaimed star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta series and she is not wasting any time on spending her reality t.v. checks. After her NBC show "The New Normal" was cancelled back in May of 2013, Nene and her husband Gregg packed up their Hollywood home and moved back to Atlanta to resume their normal lives. Now, I don't think that Nene is struggling and living paycheck to paycheck, but who really needs three pairs of thousand dollar shoes? Seems a little excessive to me!

Nene is currently in New York for Super Bowl weekend with Gregg, and her co-stars Mynique and Chuck Smith. Nene and Mynique stopped by the Christian Louboutin boutique to add a few more red bottoms to their shoe collections.

Here's a picture of Nene and Mynique getting their shop on:

Feb 1, 2014

Blame Draya Episode 4 Recap: Excessive Birthday Parties

I remember in my early-20s I would celebrate my birthday for the entire month but I had low budget birthday extravaganzas. I'm talking drinking forties at the crib every night, playing spades and stumbling out of the local bar on weekends. Draya "Forever a Groupie" Michele has taken birthday parties to a whole new level. She celebrated her special day in Houston with some sasquatch of a chick that loves to "turnup" and then finished off the festivities with two parties in L.A. with a bunch of F.A.G.s (that's Fine Ass Girls in case you didn't know). 

Here's the entire episode of Draya's webseries.