Jan 12, 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Recap: Bad Friends and Sucky Parents

Welp, I was literally forced to sit through another dry and brittle episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. I made a commitment to y'all to live tweet during the entire episode so I sucked it up and watched 60 minutes of absolute boredom!

To start, I have no idea what Kandi Burruss was slanging snot about. Her fiance Todd Tucker mentioned how he wanted to take a job in New York City and Kandi completely lost it. She was mumbling something about him wanting to leave her and not work on the play they were producing together. Either way, Todd and Kandi are such an awkward couple with zero chemistry. Todd is probably taking the job on the other side of the country to get away from Kandi and her annoying mother.

Kenya Moore's father came to visit her from Texas and oh my lordt, Daddy Moore was the quintessential country bumpkin. He got off the airplane talking slow azz hayle like he had cotton balls in his mouth, with his cowboy hat and cigar in his hand not giving an absolute fuhk! I'm not really convinced that he's Kenya's real dad though. He looked nothing like her and talked like he barely finished middle school. He was complaining about everything and he was not there for Kenya's decorating skills. Daddy had something negative to say about every single piece of furniture she had in her house. Kenya mentions to her dad that she wants to reach out to her mother and daddy yells, "HELL NAW!" But why do I lowkey agree with him though?

Kenya doesn't realize that trying to speak to her mother will only causer her more heartache.  It's sad but, her mama doesn't want to have shyt to do with her. I think that at this point, she's better off getting some psychological assistance to help her move forward in life. It sucks that Kenya had to be raised by two half-retarded people though. I feel for her.

Porsha Stewart is settling into her new 8000 square foot leased home in an Atlanta suburb and oddly enough, she is neighbors with Nene Leakes. Instead of telling Nene that they live literally 2 minutes from each other, Porsha decides to "surprise" Nene with the news at Cynthia's sister's jewelry show. Nene is pissed and calls Porsha a "bad friend" for keeping the secret from her. Porsha runs out of the room crying for unknown reasons and Nene goes after her to try to explain why she's upset. Nene thinks that as a friend, Porsha sucks because she's so enamored with herself and focused on her own problems all the time. She doesn't call Nene or reach out to her at all and Nene is feeling a little neglected. Welp Nene, welcome to adulthood. Not everyone has the time or patience to sit on the phone chatting all night, and not all friends even speak to each other every week or every two weeks. I think Nene's expectations for her relationship with Porsha are unrealistic and dumb. This ain't high school, Nene, grow the hayle up.

Welp, that's all for this week's episode. There was a lot more to the show but nothing worth typing about really. Oh, and if you didn't join me this week, log on to your Twitter next Monday night as I will be live tweeting that week's episode! Don't miss out on the fukkery!

What did you think of this week's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta?


  1. Hey this is Shan from Twitter, I was loving your live tweets tonight they had me rollin! Your tweets are better than the actual show hahah.

  2. I think Bravo should hook up Kenya's dad with Mama Joyce! lol That would be hilarious!!!