Ramona Singer Calls the Cops on Hubby Mario and His New Girlfriend!

Damn, Ramona unleashed that "turtle time" on his azz!

Page Six is reporting that Real Housewives of New York's Ramona Singer and her husband of 17 years, Mario, are currently separated and dating other people. There have been rumors of Mario dipping his wang into some young tenders for years now. Ramona, in her wine filled haze, always denied the rumors and brushed everything off. You know a woman KNOWS when her man is stepping out. It's that feeling you get deep down in your gut. You might wait until you have enough sufficient evidence to bust his azz but when that time comes and you have the printouts of them text messages and emails ouhh girl, it's a wrap!

Anywaytho, I digress...so Ramona and Mario are separated and dating other people. Mario is slanging his dirty paynus with a 20-something-year-old name Kasey Dexter and Ramona is playing "hide the breadstick" with a 20 year old of her own. The argument between the once happy couple took place in their Southampton home. You see, Ramona kicked Mario out of their Manhattan apartment but the couple agreed that Mario could stay at their Southampton residence. For whatever reason, crazy drunktard Ramona decided to pay a surprise visit at the Southampton home and ended up walking in on Mario and his boo Kasey. I don't think they were gettin down with the get down but still, nobody wants to see their husband (whether they are separated or not) in their family home with another bird so you know Ramona went AWF!

She starts hollering at them and eventually called the cops. When the po-po arrived, Ramona told them that Mario had choked her but he never even put his hands on her....smh. She then offered the cops a glass of wine.

*Reports of Ramona entering rehab in 5,4,3...*

The police eventually left and no charges were filed. It's unclear if Ramona called a ride and took her sloppy drunk booty back to Manhattan or if Mario and his broad ended up letting her have the house for the night. But either way, Ramona was DEFINITELY in Southampton over the weekend. This is what she posted on her Twitter:

This ol' crazy fupa bad built broad is on Twitter like #noworries. I'm too through with Ms. Singer right about now.

Either way, this sounds like a hot steaming pile of fukkery! I'm guessing the Singers will be confirming their separation within the next couple of days which is too bad because now I have to add another Housewives' failed marriage to my ever-growing divorce list

What do you think of Ramona Singer and Mario being separated? Do you think Ramona had the right to go off on Mario and his girlfriend?


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  1. Ramona is and idiot. Have another glass of wine!