Dec 22, 2013

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Recap: Everyone Has Had a Taste of Mynique's Man

The ladies are taking a trip to Savannah, Georgia and we are less than two minutes into the episode and Porsha Stewart is crying crocodile tears over her allegedly gay ex-husband, Kordell. You see, the new chick Mynique Smith is a stay at home mom and let's her husband be the head of the household and Porsha is feeling salty because when she was married to Kordell and was catering his every need, she didn't get any of the support that the ladies are giving Mynique. Welp, Porsha. That's just the way the biased cookie crumbles sometimes.

The ladies pull up to the haunted Wedding Cake Mansion and although Nene Leakes planned the entire trip, Kandi Burruss' midget azz thinks it's okay to stake claim on the master bedroom. Who does this short armed five-head heaux really think she is? She wants to act all big and bad in front of the group but can't stand up to her own mama. Smh, what a shame.

Surprisingly, Nene keeps her cool and doesn't demote Kandi to one of the guest rooms but of course she has to address the room situation in front of everyone. Kandi had no rebuttal except for that dumb facial expression she always makes (don't act like you don't know what face I'm talking about).

Ok, the best part of the whole episode is when the girls go to visit one of Savannah's most historic churches. Their tour guide showed them small holes in the wooden floor and explained that they were breathing holes for slaves that were on the Underground Railroad. Porsha is constantly interrupting the tour guide and throwing in her .02 cents as if she has any knowledge of what the hell he's really talking about. Porsha then explains to Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks that the Underground Railroad didn't have electric trains like we have today lmao no shyt Sherlock! And then she goes on and on about somebody actually driving the train on the railroad. Has this girl ever stepped foot in a classroom or opened up a history book perhaps? I just can't believe her ignorance right now. Seriously, I'm at a loss for words.

Moving on, a crap load of skeletons tumbled out of Mynique's husband's (Chuck) closet when the ultimate most embarrassing moment of the show occurred. See, Mynique made some slick azz comment about Kandi dating Chuck for "only two weeks". Welp, Kandi set her straight and let her know it was not just a two week fling, they dated off and on for a few years and Chuck had a great relationship with Mama Joyce as well. Mynique just sat there with egg on her ugly face. Then come to find out, Phaedra dated Chuck at some point too! Oh lawd! So everyone done had a piece of ol' Chucky.

To be honest, this was only the second time I watched the show this season and I must say, I was cracking up and howling like a wolf during the entire episode. The Atlanta ladies are entertaining as hayle, don't you agree?

What did you think of this week's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta?


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