Sep 11, 2013

What I Really Think About Basketball Wives' Tasha Marbury & Her Husband Stephon

I happened to catch a rerun of Basketball Wives Miami where Tasha Marbury was introduced to the cast. Tasha, the wife of ex-NBA player Stephon Marbury, invited the ladies to her New York home for dinner. Two minutes into the dinner and I could already tell that Tasha is a typical basketball popcorn heaux. I was so disappointed because by looking at her, she looks pretty well put together, right? I mean her hair is laid, her clothes are on point, she has a beautiful home with impeccable flooring (hence the "no-shoe" policy). But why the hell is this seemingly well-mannered semi-intelligent and beautiful woman married to friggin Stephon Marbury?! This shyt don't make no kind of sense and I'm about to tell you why.

The Marburys

Tasha and Stephon have been married since 2002 and they have three children, Xaviera, Stephon Jr. and Stephanie. They look like a beautiful and happy family but being married to a professional basketball player has not been easy.  Tasha admitted that the reports of her husband sexing their ex-chef are true. And all top of all that, she and her hubby paid the chef hush money to keep the affair out of the public eye. Stephon dropped about 600K to the chef but then stopped making payments and that's when the chef took his azz to court and the cheating allegations were blasted on every gossip website.

Now, I can understand if Stephon was cheating and then went behind his wife's back to offer hush money to his mistress. But the fact that Tasha was in on the whole thing is disgusting to me. How are you going to help protect a man that isn't even protecting the sanctity of your marriage? Are the Loubs and Chanel bags really worth it, Tasha?

Aside from the cheating (which I'm sure has occurred frequently throughout their 11 year marriage) Stephon is a certified bat-shyt crazy man full of astronomical amounts of fukkery! Remember this?

Tasha, girl, where were you when your boo thang was acting a plum fool on You Tube? This nut is eating vaseline and crying a waterfall of tears to some Kirk Franklin. This cannot be life. Oh and by the way, this monstrosity occurred back in 2010 when Stephon thought it would be a good idea to stream his life 24/7 on the web. And still, Tasha stayed by his side.

Stephon has also been sued for defaulting on loans, arrested for extreme DUI and driving on a suspended license. And still, Tasha stayed by his side.

Driving under the influence is definitely a big deal but if I were his wife, I could deal with that issue. But sexing the lady that is preparing meals for me and his children on a daily basis? No ma'am! 

Tasha implied on the show that as a basketball wife, Stephon boinking the chef is not really a big deal and she has dealt with worse. You know it's a sad day in bird groupie land when you start tolerating the cheating because you are used to it. And you know that the chef is not the first nor the last woman that will be on Stephon's hit list. He is currently playing ball in Beijing and most likely getting his fill of Chinese poonpoon. And still, Tasha will turn the other cheek and stay with him.

But hey, I'm not the one that has to sleep next to Stephon's dusty community peen every night. Clearly Tasha is happy with the state of her marriage, and this bold bish had the nerve to join a reality show knowing that everyone is looking at her like "girl, where the eff is your self esteem?".  I'm hoping that Stephon's psychotic azz makes a guest appearance on the show. I need to see if these two have any kind of chemistry or if this is a just a marriage of convenience. 

What do you think about Tasha Marbury staying married to Stephon despite his cheating and other issues?

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  1. You already said it..."typical basketball popcorn heaux"... Enough said!!!

  2. It's all about the money for her